Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Belated Post

I know Thanksgiving was almost 2 weeks ago, but better late than never? Or, better yet, hey I can't think of something to blog about since I spent the weekend sleeping, cleaning and watching MadMen.

So yes. Thanksgiving 2011: AKA the Trip of Much Over-Scheduled Fun (I basically spent 50% of my vacation driving all over the Va-DC-Md area. Christmas vacay will be much, much, much more localized)

After a panic filled drive on Monday after work, there was the An Evening of Excellence with Daron, Manicures and Gossip with Mary followed by lunch with her and Lance, the Feepit's annual Fantastic Wedsgiving bash, Thanksgiving at Shayne and Jess' new house, cleaning out the storage closet with Dad, Black Friday Game Night at Vivi's, Nich and Krista's wedding shower & Not Breaking Dawn with Kristin, and finally, Driving Back Home Sunday. I had two bad hangover days and decided that a hangover is exponentially worse when it's on Thanksgiving. Will never make that mistake again. And hopefully my mom won't ever be sick on another food based holiday, because not having her at dinner in addition to not having any of the glorious gifts from god food she makes was quite the bummer.

And now, on with the show!

epic Dogs on Air Mattress Battles
Daron's awesome retro cat carrier. I love the tag: "HOW TO PACK A CAT"
Wedsgiving with some fabulous photobombers
Jess' perfect Cranberry Sauce (and awesome nail polish color)

Grey gave his little aliens Rose petal neck braces. He's well on his way to star on Project Runway

food coma

Grey, the ghostly Jazz Hands child

little Neve took this one of me in turkey coma

ughhmmgmgg, the food was soooo good. I wish I was eating Thanksgiving RIGHT NOW

sleeping with Meg and Moo while Shayne and Jess shopped at midnight
black Friday game night!
the best Pumpkin Butterscotch cookies in the world (I'm looking guilty because I ate 78 of them)

Mary and Vivi

watching something involving gay men, as we are wont to do

Oh no she did-nit!

this cute couple

probably my new favorite picture ever.

Lance got the moves like Jagger

Shayne got the moooOO-OO-OOoooves like Jagger

sadly, Mary did not approve these shoes for us bridesmaids.

my family...

there are no words.
Ellicott City! One of my favorite places

Cindy and Scott! (scott was looking slightly off center the whole night)

You rat basterd...
Rob, Nich and Krista

delicious cupcakes


 So now it's December. A time for gathering money together to buy/make Christmas presents :D and since I spent all November writing, I'm spending all December reading. With some editing thrown in. Yeah.

Oh and yes, I did see Breaking Dawn. Kristin and I saw the late showing on Saturday night, and the theater was filled with older twenty something women who were all ashamed to be there. Everyone laughed through the entire show, and especially hard at the "serious" parts, which made it a perfect movie experience. And once again, Kristin and I got to be the snarky peanut gallery, which is always good times.  

And yes I do have critiques as to how the movie compares to the book, but I'm going to salvage whatever dignity I have left and not share them here.


/runs back to lazy Sunday


Scott Skasick said...


Ellen said...

How about the next time you're in freaking Ellicott City you let me know? I live 7 minutes from Main Street (my commute to work is an exact science).

Audrey said...

Ellen, it's on! :D

Robert said...

OH EM GEE, I'm on the internets :o

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