Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Rambly December Blog

So it's been super quiet here.

I go to work. I drink lots of coffee. I bull shit with my co-workers and send out proposals. I address hundreds of Christmas cards.

I have really nice handwriting.
I come home. I put on sweater boots and watch Breaking Bad and Madmen. I read magazines.

I bundle up in my amazing fur coat and I help walk the dogs at night. I love how cold it is here. It's a pure, crisp, "almost about to snow" cold that freezes the tips of my fingers and makes my throat and lungs hurt when I breathe in too deep. It's fantastic, but only because I know I have a warm cellar to sleep in.

I take a super hot shower, eat something processed, and try to write for a couple of hours. 

Around midnight, I pop a few melatonin, and I go to sleep. Wake up at 8:30 AM and repeat.

So yeah, quiet.

I was up til 3 AM today, cleaning. It was a 12 hour process and I still haven't vacuumed. Our vacuum sucks, so I put it off, even though I'm happiest when the floors are clean.

I saw a hay bale sitting in front of the "Tint Barn" in downtown Hendersonville. My first thought was "when those get wet, they'll mold. And then they'll smell." Then I remembered back when I was 11 and hanging out at the barn 24/7. I was helping to feed the horses. I cut the baling twine off a hay bale, and the bale stayed intact--usually a sign that that bale is moldy, as a fresh hay bale will usually fall into flakes. I pulled the bale apart and a cloud of stink erupted. The inside of the bale was white and grey with mold, and it held in so much heat that it was literally steaming. It was disgusting and fascinating all at the same time.

I would never put hay bales outside my store front.

Downtown Hendo is beautiful at night, with all the trees lit up with Christmas Lights and the horse drawn carriage rides and the laughable Occupy Hendersonville protests. I've been doing a lot of Christmas present shopping for my family, even though it totally doesn't feel like Christmas. Speaking of present shopping, Santa gave me a "Customer Appreciation Day Sale" at our local Goodwill, and I bought myself some much needed cheer:

I am so excited about these pillows. I might go back and get the other 4 *smirk*

This awesome hand made mug:

action shot!
This kotchzke shelf (I've always seen these around and I've always resisted buying one. Well, for $5, I was finally sold). It's about 3 feet high. It's awesome.

This pretty picture:

Fun note: the back of the print says it is manufactured by Turner Designs
And this guy. I saw it when I first walked in and was oddly compelled to hold it. I walked around the store with it, and couldn't put it back down. I put it on the bookshelf and I can't stop looking at it. I love it.
I can't tell if it's a horse, a giraffe, a llama or a unicorn.

lookit dat faaaace
And I've decided that every room can be improved about 500% if there is a sleeping dog in it:

Dino-legs Bart

the incredible shrinking Lilly

Tomorrow is my office's Christmas Party at the Panthers vs. Falcons football game in Charlotte. And even though the idea of going to a football game usually makes my eyes roll back into my head, I'm actually excited about it. Because we're taking a PARTY BUS to a rented HOSPITALITY TENT TAILGATE PARTY with CATERED FOOD and OPEN BAR. Then we get to watch the game from nice seats. We have a butt ton of people showing up. It should be fun.

But, more on that tomorrow. For now, it's back to slacker Saturday.

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