Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost there!

The only thing that stands between me and 12 glorious days of vacation is a short day of work, which will probably be a wash since I'll spend it getting ready for our little office Christmas Party.

I probably shouldn't be so excited to go home, because I go home fairly often, but geez. Going home is fantastic.

Reasons Why I Love Going Home:
  • Lucy
  • my friends/family
  • unlimited napping
  • my Mom's cooking
  • I won't be at work
  • OnDemand
  • Vietnamese food
  • I won't be at work
  • it's where I left my favorite Christmas movies: Home Alone and Gremlins.
I also figured out how to get my Game of Thrones books on my iPod, and I got ABBA's greatest hits album for like $2 the other day. So I'm dreading the idea of 8 hours in a car a little less. Except today, of all days, is the day my uterus has decided to make my life a living hell. Ah, well.

Happy Thursday Before Christmas!

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