Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Day in Text Messages

8:45 AM
Staying home today
and they gave you codeine cough syrup?! JEALOUS
feel better!

11:30 AM
me: I need a small hot chocolate with a shot of espresso poured in.
barrista: so, you want a mocha?
me: no, I want a small hot chocolate with a shot of espresso poured in. {so hold the attitude, and my dick while you're at it.}
lol, what's the difference?
a mocha is made with gross chocolate syrup and has 2 shots of espresso and steamed milk. hot cocoa is made with cocoa powder and hot milk. and sure enough, she made me a mocha >:(
lol. white people problems.

1:04 PM
dog and I found a Hardee's double cheeseburger in the mircowave. how old is it?
uh... like, last week? you abandoned a dbl cheese how dare  you
you let me forget it! today is a sad day...

1:57 PM
The title of today's blog post will be "How I Unintentionally Dressed Like a Butch Lesbian and Other Things that Happened in This Day of Stupid."
lol what the fuck are you wearing? :)
button down tunic shirt, vest, what I thought were skinny jeans but they're big boot cut jeans stuffed into mid-calf "biker" boots. I topped the look off with slightly greasy hair that's only presentable if it's thrown up in a bun, and no make up. Apparently, I got dressed in my sleep. In the dark. In 1991.
i still love you :)
my boss told me not to come to work looking like a 1st grade teacher anymore.
probably good advice.

(for reference, this is what I looked like)
too sloppy to even be ironic.
4:45 PM

6:46 PM
thanks for the $10! I was able to get my scrips. My xanax and I thank you from the bottom of our nervous little heart.
happy to oblige!

Ugh. This has been a completely ridiculous, long day. From my inability to do clothe myself properly, to not being able to focus or do anything right at work, to my downward spiral of bitchiness (at one point I cussed out my auto correct as if it were a person). This day was just not meant to be.

Time to veg out with Teen Mom 2. 

I'll worry about being classy tomorrow.

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