Monday, August 6, 2012

what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas because I lost it in the cab

Early this morning, I returned from Leah's Dinosaur Themed Bachelorette Weekend Spectacular in Las Vegas. And living up to its name, it was pretty spectacular. We carried around a small, inflatable brontosaurus everywhere with us and got into expensive parties and bars for free and drank open bar drinks and wore masquerade masks and ate at delicious restaurants and burned our skin being lazy by the pool. It was pretty fantastic.

We also wore dinosaur t-shirts that I made from dinosaur coloring sheets and my own MS Paint skillz, which made us look like a 3rd grade field trip, but also made us look pretty baller:

Each girl had a different dinosaur, and the shirts were different vibrant colors, except for mine, because vibrant colors make my pale skin vibrate and besides, I love heather grey t-shirts:

yep. I unconsciously made myself a Clockwork Orange Velociraptor. Win forever, my favorite things.

And, living up to Terrible Phone Luck 2012, I lost my cell phone in a cab in the first half hour I was there. So, I have no fun or scandalous pictures to share. But I also lost my SM card, which had pictures I hadn't transferred to my computer yet, and I lost all my contacts. So that's sad. :(

Even though I'm not a gambler, and I'm not huge into clubs, I always end up having a great time in Vegas. Shayne and Jess got married there:

sweet Elvis serenade
 I was an awkward 19 year old there:

Leah, me and my "going out" look, comprised of a sweater and a tweed skirt. I've always been 62 years old.
and a drunk 22 year old:

we might have spent a good amount of time taking hungover casino bathroom pics

I'm so sad about losing my SD card. And I'm also pretty sad about having to use my old, narcoleptic Droid until I'm eligible for an upgrade. #summbitch

Happy Monday!

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Kim said...

you neglected to mention that that same Elvis groped you....

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