Sunday, August 19, 2012

Turning Lemons into DINOSAUR CAKE

So, I had a get together for my birthday on Saturday, and decided I was going to make my own cake for it. You know, since I had so much fun doing it last year, and because I've been on a continual baking binge this year.

Buuuut, one thing went wrong, as with everything I bake, and somehow, even though the cakes themselves weren't burned, they definitely stuck to the greased cake pans. And when I tried to pry them from their aluminum holdings, they broke into many pieces.

womp womp.

I was about to throw the mess into a ziplock bag and just call it "cake bites" and leave it on the counter for dad to eat, when my inner Tim Gunn urged me to just "make it work." So I started positioning the pieces into a island formations. And soon, I had a small cake archipelago, or cake-ipelago. And when we couldn't figure out something blue and edible to use for water (which now that I think about it, I could have used blue sprinkles or m&m's. oh well, next time!), mom suggested I use crushed up cookies and make it a desert. And then I thought I could top it with dinosaurs. And I did. And the results were pretty sweet.

why dinosaurs vs. Union troops? why not, I ask.
Normally, I wouldn't condone the killing of Union Soliders. but... these Dinosaurs are fighting their own War of Northern Aggression.

Civil War hang down

pterodactyls can't fly

I can't tell which cake disaster I'm more pleased with--this or Fort Battle Kitty, the cake I made for Mary's birthday in January, that I somehow didn't blog about.

Her cake started out like this:

icing fail
And ended up like this:

oh no!
Fort Battle Kitty. Sorta surprisingly, icing, cake and pretzels are a fabulous combination. And it was enjoyed by all.

Scotty Approved!

So, cake disaster averted, and from destruction comes creation. And I had an amazing night out at Dogfish Head with friends, delicious food, craft beers, and too many pictures with my new Best Friend:

Introducing Tobias Rexington. It's love.

Alright, now it's back to my exceedingly lazy day of bonding with Breaking Bad. Which means more Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston. Mmhmm.

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