Friday, August 31, 2012

so... see ya, August?

wtf, when did it become the 31st of August?

It absolutely feels like yesterday I was packing for Vegas (ie. it feels like August just started). Holy shit, time flies when you're busy/hungover every weekend (August had a lot of celebratory nights, ok?) on top of helping set up a wedding.

And it looks like this month will no doubt fly by as well. Whatever, though. The weather cooling off ever so slightly, and I noticed last night that it was much darker at 8:45 than it normally is, and pumpkin spiced everything is being shoved at me in every store and restaurant I go into, and there once again is blonde in my hair, which means fall is coming! Huzzah!

Have a good start of the month, folks! As for me, I caught a second wind and actually felt well enough to be productive today, including going to the gym for the second time this month, and researching grad schools that I probably won't get into. Finish off strong, guys.

I couldn't find a pen. Clearly, I'm unprepared.

 And to celebrate the weekend, enjoy this from Thought Catalog: 19 Things You Say You'll Do This Weekend But Never Do

Except I always do #13. 

I'm off to color dinosaurs with Kristin and basically be an amazing adult.

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