Sunday, August 12, 2012

Leaving my Mid-twenties

It's my last weekend as a 27 year old! And lo, it has been fat with delicious food and various partying.

On Friday, I joined some friends at Texas de Brazil for a night filled with meat swords, very inappropriate dinner conversation, and a plate of whipped cream that our waiter forced on me for my birthday after I said I was too full of meat swords to order desserts.

thank you, Texas de Brazil
On Saturday, we had Mary's bridal shower, where I ruled at Wedding Pictionary and ate about 8,000 tea sandwiches (don't get in the way of me and plate of tea sandwiches. you will not win.)

awkward apron sisters

they taught me all my art skillz
Mary's wedding party

Also, we started planning Mary's bachelorette party. It's going to be so rad. Here's a sneak-peek:


And to round out my weekend of fat lazy sloth, tonight, I had dinner with benefactors--I mean, my parents, at Bazin's on Church. It was absolutely glorious.

celebrating 28 years of Audrey

Mushroom and Ricotta Cheese Manicotti

Parmesan Orzo Pasta (pulled pork ragu, bell tomatoes and nom)
Mushroom Crusted "Chatham Cod"
Grilled Filet Mignon
When it came time for dessert, I was torn between the Crème Brûlée (5 years ago, it was the first one I'd ever had, and I wanted a reunion), but there was something listed on the menu as "Salted Caramel Tart and Bittersweet Chocolate ice cream" that caught my eye. Normally, I'm not a fan of caramel, like at all, or ever. But I was intrigued. So I asked our waiter which he would recommend, and the following conversation took place:

me: Which would you get?
waiter: Well, the tart is really good.
me: Is it life changing?
waiter: If you've never had it before, then your life needs changing. I'm bringing you the tart.

I'm glad he did, because that shit was life changing. An absolute perfect combination of sweet, salty, and about 50% delicious tart crust. And I think I could have eaten the bittersweet chocolate ice cream for days. So I have a new recipe to hunt down and re-create.
freakin' noms

what my future basement will look like

So, now I have 45 minutes until I age dramatically and jump into my late 20's... I'm going to spend it scouring my rat's nest of a room that hasn't been cleaned since Hurricane Audrey packed for Vegas last week.

just a peek

And I might be waiting for midnight to drink some champagne with a good friend of mine.

awww right

Fare thee well, 27!

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Kim said...

Perhaps we both can insure that our bedrooms get cleaned up... Happy Birthday, baby girl!!

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