Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things I Forgot to Blog About

K-Stew and R. Patz

ok, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I a) have a terribly conflicted relationship with gossip rags and tabloid culture; and b) was up until last year a closet-ed Twi-hard (note: while I'm living loud and proud, I'm still super shamed and incredibly self-loathing.)

So in July, I finally got to read Elle's interview with Kristen Stewart and thought, "wow, what a smug bitch" when she expressed desire to have "life fuck me over." And basically, the next week, BAM. 

Way to make out in a public park in Hollywood with a married man who's not your boyfriend when you're one of the most reclusive, followed and stalked Hollywood actresses. Especially just before the final chapter of your career-making franchise is released, and before the deal on your Snow White sequel is inked (not that a sequel was deserved, Snow White and the Huntsman was terrible). Excellent Life Decisions, all around. 

I doubt it'll negatively affect her career, his career, or Breaking Dawn sales (if anything, scandals will just drive up the numbers), but it's always fun to watch celebrities just take a stupid, self-destructive route. And by fun, I mean... well, fun. And expensive. I think I spent $15 on gossip rags at the airport last week. #shame

And I did love John Stewart's approach to the matter on The Daily Show

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totes adorbs.

I'm Going to Australia!

With the whole #YOLO philosophy, and my Do Things That Scare You resolution, I made a terrifying financial decision and booked my trip down unda' to go see Odie! 

I'm excited to see Odie and hang out in Sydney and drink ginormous beers and see the sky on the other side of the world and being able to hear my favorite accent all time (the Australian one, not the Odie one). Things I'm less excited about: 28 hours of travel, ginormous spiders. Yikes.

December can't get here fast enough!

The Final Season of Teen Mom, thus far

Two more episodes of the original cast of Teen Mom, guys! My hair stylist and I spent the entire time of my hair cut dishing on the mom's on Tuesday, which was only mildly shaming, but hey--birds of a feather. We mostly agreed that we really don't like Farrah. Neither does my mom. Or anyone else that I meet.

My god, there is just nothing redeeming about this person.

blow me
Also, I want to dress up as Amber for Halloween, but I don't know where I can get 15 lbs of fake eye lashes, orange foundation, face be-dazzling, or dragon lady nails. Oh wait, yes I do. I live near Manassas. Yikes.

if this picture were scratch-n-sniff, you'd be enchanted by the aromas of Newport cigarettes and methampethamine 
and Gary? 
I don't think I'm ready for this Jelly

also, also, slightly related, I definitely got sucked in for at least 45 minutes on Jenelle Evan's twitter yesterday. Train wreck city. 

My Never Ending Quest to be Awesome

While paying bills the other day, I accidentally paid $900 on my credit card instead of $100, which effectively left my savings account as limp and flacid as my penis after seeing the above picture of Gary. How did I do this? I don't know. I'm a special kind of special. So now I need to ramp up my non-part-time job search by about a billion.

Additionally, I vowed never to never again pay bills before my morning coffee. 

What have you been doing lately that you've forgotten to blog about?


Kim said...

I had to explain to dad on Tuesday just who R-Patt and K-Stew were. It was a LONG conversation....

Jennifer Wyatt-Murphey said...

1st. I have always liked filthy trash books like Twilight and didn't hide it. Alas I loathe the movies because I HATE Kristen Stewart, which I believe we have talked in length about before. She should not be an actress if she can't show emotions.

2nd. I've overpaid things before and in my experience I've been able to call and tell them my mistake and they've credited me back. Don't know if that'll work for you, but thought I'd mention it.

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