Monday, April 30, 2012

The Bossi Wedding

I kicked off wedding season on Saturday with a trip down to Charlotte, NC to see Nich and Krista get hitched!

from left: guy I can't remember, Mac, Jim, Nich, Krista, Candace, Kristina, Ryan, pic courtesy of
It was a beautiful ceremony filled with soft lighting, heart felt words, laughs, tears and instrumental Beatles music. And the reception was filled with good food, good conversation, lots of dancing, and one instance of me learning I indirectly destroyed someone's sense of identity and self-esteem for many years (holy long, awkward, not-blog appropriate story, Batman!) and a wacked out photo booth where Alexbond and I had way too much fun posing:

Captain America Fedora and some Masquerade Tranny
All in all, it was a successful venture. I got to see a lot of old Meade Mustang faces, and had an enjoyable road trip with Alexbond; even if I did get a speeding ticket 20 minutes after I got behind the wheel of his sweet Prius (I might be sold on hybrids--fuel economy is overly awesome in that "I'm getting old and poor" kind of way). We even had four sightings of Semi-Centipedes (a less frightening cousin to the human centipede)

first sighting
A few days before the wedding, Krista posted this someecard:

I feel like no other eecard has been more true, because I basically experienced all these things last week. At the mall, every dress I tried on was incredibly short, poofy, and made me look like a really desperate nymphete. Since when did these dresses come back in style? When I was still school dance age appropriate, I was all about the long, elaborate dresses because hey--I'm middle class with no discernible plans to get married. When the hell would I ever get a chance to wear a long ball room gown again?

favorite: my vintage 50's formal dress. It had little white flowers hidden in the layers of tulle
Kids these days. They know nothing about class and sass.


Kira said...

You're probably better at driving it than he is!

Kim said...

Another good blog would be a short commentary about how you nearly caused two heart attacks whilst trying on your vintage dress. Wait...Maybe I will steal that story...

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