Friday, April 20, 2012

5 Great Things on the Internet

1. Thought Catalogue: 36 Reasons Why I No Longer Know Someone I Used to Know

In November, a friend sent me this song. It was alright. Within the next 3 months, someone different posted it on Facebook every day, and it had a guaranteed chance of playing on every radio station every 15 minutes. I hate this song. But I love this post.

2. Henri, Le Chat Noir

He's so French.

3. Sauza Tequila--Make it with a Fireman

I'm not a fan of margaritas (I imagine drinking them for 4 hours straight on a hot night in LA and then puking them up in scuzzy bar bathroom would turn anyone off of them), but, based solely on this commercial, I'd drink these margaritas. 

4. Happy Birthday, David.

I can't be more excited for Prometheus.

I haven't been this excited for an Alien movie since Alien Vs. Predator in  2004. It came out on my 20th birthday. It was terrible. I was scarred for life. Scarred so much in fact, that when my friend Scott first mentioned Prometheus, I blew it off.

But then, I found out that Michael Fassbender was in it. And that it was a prequel. And then I saw a few seconds of a trailer. And, I'm back to being really stupidly excited for it. I know I've said this before, but if this movie is terrible, then I'm writing off the entire franchise forever. Of course, forever generally means 6 months.

5. Tumbr: This is the Hive

 I love Nerd Bohemian. One day, my house will be decorated in it.


6. Natalie Dee:

you cut right to the heart of me, Ms. Dee.

7. This Insta-Lucy-Gram

I love this stinky sad sack so stupid much, it hurts.  

alright, back to writing.

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