Thursday, April 12, 2012


'aaaay, it's been forever!

I've been away for work (because I'm that important, now), and even though I've started 4 blogs, I've fallen asleep through all of them, and thus, I've generated a whole lotta nothing this week. So, in an effort to play catch up, here's some pictures from the trail ride/wine tasting adventure I went on last weekend with my dad and Mary.

This was one of those cool Living Social deals my mom found, where you go to this ranch owned by Marriott, go on a 90 minute horseback trail ride, then take a bus to a local winery, then take the bus back. It had been about 5 years since I had ridden, but, since I spent my formative years doing competitive horse showing

that's meeee
and my post-formative years drinking wine,

I was really excited.

The Ranch
my mighty steed, BeBe, checkin stuff out

the girl in front of me was an Uppity Horse Bitch, the worst kind of HB there is. The kind of HB that shows up at a public trail ride facility and scoffs at the quality of horse she's given.  


If you've never been on a tourist trail ride, the horses walk in a single line, butt to nose, and since they've been on the same trail day in and day out, they're dead to the world-that's why they're called Trail Nags. So, no galloping across fields or blazing through moutain passes. And this one was no different. We were so single file and quiet (except for Mary and me occassionally being obnoxious, as we tend to be), that it reminded me of a Dothraki death march. Needless to say, I had the Game of Thrones stuck in my head the entire time. Longest caption ever.

We saw beautiful half dead, half budding Virginia country side, crossed a few streams, crowed at a few long horned steer, bonded with nature. My studly steed, BeBe, was perfect. We even got a few trotting jaunts in there. I found out at the end that it was his maiden voyage out on the trail. But he was such a pro, he fooled me.

Bebe in an old-west shot
We then proceeded to the Desert Rose winery, where I had a few glasses of surprsingly delicious wine and was surrounded by so many DC yuppies, I felt compelled to break out the Instagram (ohsnap).

Virginia isn't so pretty in April
Mary is a fancy bitch
dad is a fancy bitch

audrey is a fancy bitch

I'm also a super smug wine taster

me and dad
 A fun day was had by all. Even if I was a little hungover by the time we got home.

Visit Marriot Ranch and Desert Rose Winery guys!

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Mary said...

Check out dad's pose in the bebe western picture. LOL!!!

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