Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh, Facebook

I know your Facebook page is supposed to be, like, relevant to you, but damn. I realized today that 99% of everything I love is subliminally displayed, which I think is neat:

Things That Audrey Loves:

1. New York City
2. Star Wars
3. Gothic chandaliers
4. Classic cars
5. Coffee and Breakfast foods
6. Squirrels, and Baking
7. FOOD, and food parties
8. Baltimore
9. My best friends, and a giraffe, and the Boh guy, and Brumbie (my dad's horse, who I trained all those years ago) in various user pics (I luv every person displayed here, but I've known Cara, Scott and Jason for 10+ years. and uh, I've known my mom and Mary for 27 years, I guess.)
10. The Thought Catalogue is my new favorite blog, ever.
11. Crazy Jewelry and big ass sunglasses
12. Washington DC
13. Science & Engineering & Festivals and Magic School Bus
14. my blog, guys! 
15. good books, sexy authors, wine, sitting outside
16. beach parties 

Dinosaurs are missing, which is odd and sad. But hey. Everything else is displayed, so there.


Tax Season is DONNNNNNE!

Am now officially down to one part time job, as well as counting down the days til financial doom.

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