Thursday, April 5, 2012


So how many of you downloaded the Instagram app for your Android phones?

I know I did!

Here's the evidence:
Lucy, and my stained sock

tilting the camera automatically makes you an artistic photographer

Tim Gunn Can't Save You Now

I will never grow out of taking myspace pictures. #noshameinmygame
Quasi meaningful magazine cut-out quotes? Oscar Wilde? Finger Paint? sheeeeit
sweet new dresser drawer knobs

So, I know my photography skills don't reach beyond knowing how to turn the flash off and on, and the same vintage filters that are offered on Instagram came with the camera on my phone, but I'd say I like Instagram. And I'll probably be clogging up my blog with nifty 70's era photos that will just, like blow your mind all over your face with artistic genius. OOOoOooooo, maybe I'll start using mildly depressing, yet softly hopeful song lyrics as my photo captions.

I can already feel my street cred rising, guys.

Tune in tomorrow for when I show off pictures of my new text tattoo*.

I spent the entire day watching The Tudors on Netflix. I laughed heartily through nearly all of it, but, like most Showtime series, it's good, mindless entertainment.

And hey. Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Yeah, you. whatttttsuppp....

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, hunts, and sexes it up constantly
And keeping with the Feelings inspired Instagram motif:

I think a more accurate caption would be I will more than likely have you murdered

Thank you, Google Image.  

*totally kidding.**

**no, yeah, I kinda maybe do want one. #shame 

1 comment:

Kim said...

oh God. Instagram, Another innovation I have no idea about.

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