Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy [belated] Birthday, Lucy!

I'm a terrible fur-mother. I forgot to mention that yesterday was the 4th birthday of Ms. Lucille Franchesca Von Turner-Stein, Lucy Goosey, Roose Groose Spruce MaGoose, Roose's Gooses, RRRRRRUUUUUUUCY!

our first night
Oh my god, she and Ellie were such sweet baby puppies.

baby basset battle royale!

ah, god, so cuuuuute
my wee behbe wino
 And now look at them...

useless and beautiful

Happy Belated Birthday, you stinky, mis-proportioned beautiful beast! May you have many many more years of eating Mom's hydrangea's, snuffle-barking at the window, walking battlefields, hogging the bed, and chewing on soup cans.

I ruv ewe big, big, much.


Jennifer said...

I love the one with them sitting on each other!

Audrey Turner said...

Haha, yeah they don't understand the concept of "personal space."

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