Monday, July 11, 2011

Things I love (the First post)

Things I love:

  • movies
  • parody
  • post-modern editing
  • falling into the blackhole of YouTube
I was initially going to blog about writer's block, and how I blame everyone and everything around me for distracting me, like a Super Jackass. Basically, I turn into Jack Torrence in The Shining. So, to illustrate this point, I searched YouTube and found the perfect example:

(Also, sub-list of things I love:
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • Drug-addled Stephen King)
But then, I found an awesome re-cut of the trailer, featuring The Scissor Sisters:

(sub-list 2 of things I love:
  • gay disco music
  • The Scissor Sisters
  • bands with clever names)
I wish whoever made it had finished it all the way. Regardless, I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite music video.

And then I started scanning through the re-cuts that came up in the side bar:


(sublist 3:
  • Hubert Selby Jr
  • Lux Æterna
  • John Hughes)
And this:

(sub-list 4:
  • Bill Murray
  • psycho-thrillers
  • Harold Ramis)
And this:

(sub-list 5:
  • aliens
  • 1980's Spielberg
  • scary movies that are actually scary)
Whatever. ET scarred me for life at a very early age. So did Gremlins. And The Goonies. Way to go, Spielberg.  

And speaking of things that are scary: living toys

Alright, I'm done. I could post about a million more of these, but I'm sure I'm already on the verge of becoming one of those mouth-breathing creepers who does nothing more than search YouTube all day, and I should like. Not encourage that.


Some Awesome things I've failed to mention that happened this past week:
  • I had another visit with Krista and Nich! Krista and I were winners who knitted and watched quality trash TV, and then ate taco salad and played with this awesome cornstarch/water mixture, wherein I learned the wonders of Non Neutonian fluids (i.e. liquid that remains a liquid until pressure is applied to it, and then it becomes a solid.)
             and we also played dress up with their dog, Boomer:

  • Champion Spider caught like, 4 spiders in his web the other day! 
I grow more scared of this guy every day.

  •  My Parents came to visit! They brought my futon, so I can complete the Audrey Perch. They also scored us an outdoor table, so we can eat and write outside when the weather's awesome. And they let me tag along and mooch a free breakfast at the Bed and Breakfast where they stayed. I wish I would have taken a picture of the eggs I had, because they were life changingly good.
Perch, phase 1. Dog approves.
our camouflaged outdoor set. can't wait for the next grill night!
Perch, subdued
               I kinda spent like, 16 hours yesterday nested on the new futon, reading, napping and     watching the Harry Potter marathon. It's awesome. My parents win for life. Oh, and we didn't go to the rib fest, because it was like 100* and too expensive. We ate delicious seafood instead.
  •  We've had a lot of rainy weather
Addie, now available in Poncho variety
dog does not approve
  •  ever have a dream that you're having a panic attack, and then you wake up hyperventilating and sweating like you're actually having a panic attack? ohmigod it sucks.
And uh, I guess that about sums it up. This week, we're going home for work. Straight up work, and hopefully some calm-down time. I've been in some dire straits for the last month, so I'm hoping some good comes my way soon.

Also, sorta related, after hours TV started while I was reading last night, and a Joel Osteen program was on. He was preaching about being weary, and looking to God for a second wind. Have you ever seen Joel Osteen?

Living in Favor, Abundance and Creepiness
He definitely has this leary, pedo-bear air about him. His voice has this lilting Southern Falsetto quality that makes me think he's going to sell me volcano insurance. And he's what I pictured every Fellowship of the Sun preacher to look like.

the size of his "church"
Terrifying. Even though the sermon was pertinent to my life (that's a sentence I've never uttered before, btw), I was way too creeped out, and proceeded to change the channel.

aw right, back to more slacking off/job hunting/writing attempting/sookie stackhouse book devouring...


Cara said...

So those re-cuts are epic. Your parents are awesome. WOOOO for a True Blood reference.

Basically, I love you.

No homo.

George Panagakos said...

I might want to wait on this question from the future on the past, but are you going through the "Sookie Stackhouse" novels prior to watching any of the HBO series, or have you caught their Reverend Newlin yet?

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