Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Day!

Long time, no see, blog! How I've missed typing you full of useless dribble very important information about how completely awesome and triumphant I've become how much ass I've been kicking dragging.

But, hark! Good news! Addie's been churning out writing like a mad man. He's taking a break from his book and is instead concentrating on his side project of short stories. They're basically incredible. I laugh so hard it makes my stomach hurt, and they're really fun to read. I've been contributing a little, but really, he's just been working his ass off on them. I love watching him work and write and really get taken away with it. He has the sexiest focused look I've ever seen on a man who isn't Don Draper or Timothy Olyphant. I could watch him write or play video games or figure out which is a better deal on block cheese all day oops I'm a creeper. Besides. Inspiration is sexy.

This picture will have to suffice--until I can catch him off guard.

Also, amidst the epic 5+ week piss-n-moan fest I've been muddling through, I got a job. Essentially my employment has boiled down to the fact that I a) snagged the first interview slot; b) showed up to said interview; c) could read and write; and d) "the last girl who did this job was a tall red head so I think you'll be fine." [quote from the boss]

After an awesome week of working and de-compressing at our respective parental homes, we came home just in time for my first day as Marketing Assistant Extraordinaire at a little company about ten minutes away from our house. I spent the week psyching myself up about it. Getting paid to write! Getting paid! Getting to wear jeans and chucks to work (standard Audrey Uniform)! I even got my crazy blonde toned down in order to look more professional.

so sophisticated.


So my first day was today. Underwhelming, and not just a little bit awkward.

I'm trying to convince Neurotic Audrey that just because we're working in an office again, doesn't mean I'll waste another two and a half years of my life coming home every day drained and un-motivated. I guess I haven't put enough distance between myself and my 6 years of being a stalled-out Admin. So we'll see how it goes. But most importantly, I'm employed. And good god, Audrey, it's only 4 or 5 hours a day--in the afternoon. Get over it. There will be food in my fridge, a roof over my head, netflix in my mail box, and most importantly, a satiated Sallie Mae.

I love going back home. Like, waaaay too much. But to be honest, I'm really looking forward to not having to cram myself into the Focus for another 14 hours (at least not til the holidays). Like, the idea of having a regular schedule of work, writing, sleeping, work, writing, sleeping is pretty damn appealing. It's going to be great to really get into a groove... could explain why this past month I've been so frazzled.

Oh and here are some pictures from the trip that I downloaded off my droid before its slow, painful decent into senility.

oh, Bart...
reading binges and Bart

how Bart travels

my bunk mates!

an unsupervised little kid had set this up in the AC Moore aisle. Too cool.

Lance's cat, Buffy


poor broken leg-ed mouse at the colonial farm

my drunk baby

my dad's old baseball team shirt from Ft. Hood. I'm so confused.

part of me earning my keep: organizing my mom's fabric

And then the droid crapped out and there was no more picture taking. D:

Alas, I got a new phone. And it's really great. Dare I say, incredible? (hahahahaha, it's an HTC Incredible 2. I'm so funny!)

and in case you were wondering, this is the background:

My mom also found this cool shot of my dad and me on the day they moved me to NC:

dueling gas pumps

alright. there is Wet Hot American Summer to be watched, wine to be drank, and Sookie Stackhouse to read.

And tomorrow, there will be Harry Potter 7.2, and drinks and writing and merriment. And weekend. Eff yeah.


Mary said...

YAY!! The notebook I made you is the background of your "incredibly" new phone!!

George Panagakos said...

"the last girl who did this job was a tall red head so I think you'll be fine." -- whattt lol the boss seriously said that? ugh well hope (future/past) it's a sense of humor, thing.

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