Saturday, July 9, 2011

First internet revenge

"You should blog. That'll cheer you up!"
"I am!"
"Oh, I just saw the blank screen. I thought it was your writing."[douchey giggle]
"I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I mean, I thought it was your bank account!" [douchey giggle]

Of course, of course, he kids. Because we're both into cruel, sarcastic humor.Otherwise, we'd be boring.

Anywho. This is what he looks like right now, doing his douchey giggle dance:

"oh ha ha ha, I'm the funniest person ever!"

 Man, I wish I could attach the audio of his douchey giggle. It's terrifying. It's almost like the zombie baby from Dead Alive, except that it's coming from a 6 ft man with a baritone voice.

and this is me, smirking happily because I'm getting my revenge on Addie by revealing his douchey giggle dance on the internet:

If I could attach audio to that pic, it'd be of me cackling like a crazy cat woman because I find myself hysterical.

Alright! Now I have like, 30 minutes to clean the place up before my parents get here. They're bringing my futon! And we're going to an outdoor rib fest! Which is perfect for a person like me, who hates ribs and being outside when it's over 70*.


Oh, and if you haven't seen Dead Alive yet, do it. It's on instant. I'm the most de-sensitized person I know, and the movie made me want to vomit at least 13 times.

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