Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Break Through

So last night I finally started cracking through my writer's block. And by that I mean, I sat down with the print-outs of my first 11 chapters and did some serious editing. And some serious outline re-writing [AGAIN]. And I would have started like, actual writing, but by 2 AM I had that shitty "hmm.... better get to bed, because I have work tomorrow" realization, which is like throwing a really awesome party and having the cops come in to break it up. 

Oh yeah, I'm starting day 4 of my job... and let's just say, I'm happy that, in this shitty economy, I have an air-conditioned job that's 10 mins from my house, and doesn't involve a drive-thru window. And I am getting paid to write original content. I'm not in a place to judge the job yet (oh, but I am. hard core), and I really shouldn't until I actually start working, after I replace the guy who's leaving.

Anywho. Big plans today! I'm going to the library to see what's up. I can't remember the last time I had a library card that wasn't school issued. I do, however, know that I've had In Cold Blood checked out of the Provinves Library since like, 2001. But that's ok, because it's on Cara's account (ohhhhsnap).

breakin the lawwwww

It has that old Library book smell, and that plastic cover that makes the best crackling noise while you're reading it. It's great! Hahaha.. I just flipped through it and found the phone number of this awkward MP who tried to date me during my senior year of high school. And a 10th grade picture of me, Cara and her fishnet clad high school boyfriend. Oh lord. ;)

I used to always stash stuff in my books. That way they'd be like mini-time capsules. Earlier this month, I lent some horror books to Addie's sister Shelby, and found coupons from the Marley Station Chik-fil-A and a receipt for coffee from DuClaw at Arundel Mills. I need to go through them all see what else I can find.

Speaking of Shelby, she and I went to this audaciously expensive craft fair in downtown Asheville. Holy shit, I'll never be able to afford a cabinet full of unique, handmade dishes... but I totally want them. Afterwards we had a beer lunch and hung out for a few hours, shooting the shit, which was awesome.

ugh. before it's time to start getting ready for work, I'll leave you with this week's favorite song:


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Anonymous said...

ljke mother, like daughter...except I never thought to use someone else's library card!!

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