Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday Nights with Dog

Tuesday nights are my trashy, trashy TV nights. Most notably, 16 & Pregnant. And before this week, we only had one TV with a cable hook up, which was Addie's TV in the bedroom. So I basically took over our apartment with my need to watch 16 year old's making completely obvious horrible life decisions, or rotund women try on wedding dresses, or hoarders hoarding under the guise of coupons.

That's normal.

So it was really exciting [for Addie] when I finally hooked my TV up to our cable connection, and set up my futon cushion (where's the frame? long story. It'll be here in a few weeks) to make my Audrey Perch, as that meant I could kill my IQ without inflicting it on others.


Last night, I sat down in the cushion, and lo and behold, Bart came to join me.

we're counting how many times the girls start crying in each segment
Don't  worry, that mild nausea you feel is the result of 800 mis-matched colors and patterns coming together in some sort of hellish blend. Plz not to mind the temporary gross striped cover. or my $.33 cent hoodie. Or the way I watch TV huddled over like a line backer. Eeshhh...

My theory is that Bart has adjusted to Trash TV Tuesday. As we sat, totally absorbed by the unfolding drama, I realized that he's always hung out with me during these times, curled up and totally watching. I'm sure that the two Tuesdays I was gone, Dog was lost and lonely for some reason from 10-11 PM, not sure why, but knowing that something was wrong and missing.

16 & Pregnant is what was missing.
Regardless of what Addie says, Dog shares my love for crap TV. We've bonded. And we hung out all night on the futon cushion (fu-tshion?) discussing the dilemmas presented to us by MTV. It was awesome. I need a life.

Speaking of more awesome, I drew in on the Vonnegut quote Mandy posted.

I get bored during commercials.
And took a shot of my Audrey Corner, which looked unusually cozy last night (typically it has a dark, daunting air of WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING).

can you point out the 8 things in this picture that make me cooler than you?

Yeah. The last few days have been tough. I'm working on my Deal With It skills.


**answer key**


2. ziploc box, posing as a trash can. trifty.

3. Ad from a 1920's magazine featuring finely adorned, aging socialites touting Camel cigarettes. quote "I like Camels because they are rich and mild and don't make me nervous." Mrs. Powell Cabot, Boston (pssst... Mrs. Cabot, that's why I like nerdy white guys from Fairfax County.)

4. $10 shoes. oh yes. Plz note the hemp soles on the black pair. I've nearly killed myself 47x while wearing these on non-wood flooring.

5. The sign my Dad and I stole from a 4-H locker a few years ago. It weighs 90 lbs and is made of reflective material, so it's a bitch to photograph.

6. words of wisdom. Now the Vonnegut quote is up there, too. And on the white board--REJECTION and BILLS! woo!

7. clumsy organization. I have 4 different boxes with 4 separate labels holding the same damn things. Meh. And everyone keeps their excess art supplies in a plastic grocery bag, right? Not unless you're cool as me.

8. exposed tags on an uncovered college dorm chair. Smooooooth and chic, baby.

I mean, I could add 9) exposed extension cords, and 10) Star Wars poster, but I don't wanna make you guys feel bad.

oh, and this is Bart now, failing at Futon.

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Mandy said...

1. I am obsessed with that quote and many others that I find by searching "motivational quotes" on Etsy. I made a poster of the quote for my classroom. (Poster printer = awesome.)

2. I am going to steal you sign.

3. Love the striped futon cover.

4. Haven't really gotten into this season of 16 & Pregnant, but I saw a preview for the new season where they bring back Maci and that group. I just hope Leah is in jail or has had her kid taken away from her by now, because I don't think it's good for my health to watch her.

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