Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Sippy Cups

Well, it's been a quiet week here at Camp Firsts.

There was lots of
(As of yesterday, I am officially up to 12 chapters, and that means I'm almost done with my Act 1. WOO!)
(I'm finally finishing Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series... it's actually getting better)
-cheese eating
(am now 98% havarti)
-coma napping
(best things ever)
(super secret knitting project is looking awesome)
-Kennedy's researching
(we watched The Kennedys on instant netflix, which was pretty enjoyable. But it also led to fact checking missions on them about 46 times an episode. Am now well versed in Kennedy knowledge. Also, Barry Pepper is my new favorite actor. He was g-damn incredible as Bobby Kennedy. Still do not like Katie Holmes.) 
-job searching
(I'm on the verge of applying to Barnes and Noble. Lord help me.)
-Goodwill scouring
(I scored an awesome dress, 2 tunic tops, a sweater, a movie festival tshirt and this awesome button down converse dress I've been lusting over for $20. Yay!)
-spaghetti devouring
(spaghetti and meatballs=effing delicious)
-2 AM root beer float ingredients questing
(resulted in driving 20 mins out to the sketchiest mini-mart on Earth. But the victory root beer floats were the best things ever.)
-clothes altering
(I'm pretty sure all my dresses will have pockets sewn into them by the end of the summer. And I'm cutting down most of my t-shirts so they fit better. Lots of fun.)
-coffe house sitting 
(Surprisingly, if I'm writing in a place with no internet access, I actually get work done. Shocker.)
-pancake making 
(I made my first batch of pancakes. 2 were perfect, 2 were less than perfect, and 2 were burned like crazy [turns out you don't cook pancakes on HIGH heat. oops].)
-centipede squashing
(WE ARE AT WAR WITH THESE BUGS. And by war, I mean, I've eradicated 5 or so. 6 if you include the one that poured out of the kettle on Saturday morning. eeeugghhhh. But on the plus side, totally feels like I'm in Starship Troopers.)

It's been a rough week. Between Addie's first four days quitting smoking and my extra crappy PMDD, we've been a mopey, bitchy mess. So yesterday, we both decided we were in desperate need of a pick me up. Which surprisingly came in the form of these super cool, $.50 sippy mugs. We took them home, filled them with bourbon and watched True Grit. 

Wow, you drink a lot more and a lot quicker when you're drinking from a sippie cup. wooooooooo. haha
But, a great time was had by all. And amidst all the fun, a fantastically crucial decision was made. (nothing involving vows or babies, calm down). But I don't want to blog about it til it's out of the planning stages. 

So that online magazine didn't take my piece. And that's ok. I figure it's just the first of many that I'll receive. But with all the book work I've done this week, and the accepted submission and rejection, I feel like a writer for the first time. I like it. And while I might not be where I want to be yet, professionally, I'm glad that everything has worked out the way it has. Plus, the amazing friends and family and support I have is unreal. :)  

And here are some random pictures. Hooray!

impromptu clothes dryer
Dog is so gangsta, he sleeps with one ear up*

But now, it is time for steak. And in two hours, The Killing! Whaddddup, lazy Sunday?

*like how Jay-Z is so gangsta, he sleeps with one eye up? Whatever. this is my new favorite joke.


Mandy said...

Sippy cups full of bourbon! Wow, it's like Don Draper went to college!

Also, I am looking forward to checking out thrift stores all summer. Hopefully there'll be some treasures.

Isn't True Grit just the greatest? Sounds like you're having fun! Keep it up (even if it includes occasionally working retail)!

Audrey said...

I love thrift stores. And there's a bajillion in my town, so that totally rocks.

Cara said...

Does it make me a bad friend that I didn't even think "vows or babies" until after you said it wasn't vows of babies?

No, not a bad friend, I just know you. That makes me a great friend.


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