Monday, June 6, 2011

First 7 chapters!

I pulled a ridiculous all nighter last night, working from midnight-7:30 this morning.

It was intense! But I got three chapters written, and the entire first season of Teen Mom and most of the second season of Hoarders watched (thank you, instant Netflix.), so yes, very productive.

As a result, I slept until 3:30, woke up a stupid mopey mess, made a Disappointment/Things I Need to Do list, ate a huge lunch, took a shower, and went down for another 3 hour nap. Basically, I've been use-less. It was kind of a fussy Sunday until I got an email from this super cool website, Squawk Back, and they posted a story I sent them.

Woo, I'm ONLINE for the first time! RIGHT HERE, GUYS

Fantastic! This is great for a couple of reasons:

a) I'm 'published'
b) on something other than my blog or my facebook
c) I sent it in impulsively, so that was a pleasant surprise

I didn't get paid, and it's not a huge lit site, but *I don't care* :D I'm still giggly excited. I still haven't heard back from the online magazine I submitted to last week, but that's ok. Apparently patience is a virtue. Or something.

Oh, I also claimed a victory in the ongoing Addie vs Audrey vs Wall Hangings war. For someone who "doesn't care what goes up on the walls," he certainly has a lot of opinions on everything I try to put up in the shared areas. Like I said, this is on ongoing war, as I was raised with on the Empty Walls are a Waste mentality, and Addie's more We have a picture up. That's good enough.

before: bare wall is bare.
Behind Bart's rainy day towel is a really cool map of the Appalachian trail that Addie's mom had framed for him. We had it hung on wall for about .34 seconds before the hanging piece on the frame broke off. So the frame crashed and cracked all along the bottom. I've gotta get some wood glue and a stronger hanging piece before we can hang it again.

But we'll have to find another place for it, since we agreed to hang this awesome piece of awesome there instead:

fuck yeah!
 It needs a new frame, but it's seriously my favorite poster, ever. And I really need to figure out what I can do about the oh so saucy extension cords hanging up. Bleh.

The next battle is the highly contested "over the bed" territory:

omg it needs something. even a shelf would be awesome.
Ohh, maybe a kick ass wall decal?


In case you can't tell, that's Wolverine jumping at a T-Rex. And yes, it's straight up fabulous.

And speaking of straight up fabulous, Addie came up with "white trash cheese cake"

It's crushed cracklin oat-bran on the bottom, Philadelphia Cream Cheese cheese cake filling, and raspberry pie filling on top. It was actually pretty damn tasty.

So hooray, Stupid Sunday was transformed into Stupendous Sunday, Full of Win. And tomorrow it's back to the grind, assuming I can re-vert my sleep schedule to something a little more human.


Mandy said...

I want to eat your white trash cheesecake. Like, stat.

Illustrious Brown said...

Congrats on publishing that story. I've always thought it had a sad, but hopeful tone that gave it a nice feel, like a melancholy sunrise.

Cara said...

Several things:

A) Yay for being published!!
B) I totally showed you that Wolverine vs T-Rex pic, therefore, I am awesome.
C) Your house during high school is the only reason I enjoy Cracklin' Oat Bran

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