Friday, June 10, 2011

First McAnger blog

Not gonna lie, I eat McDonald's.

Not like every day, or every other day, but probably at least once a month. I get Big Mac cravings. And if it's 3 AM and I'm coming home from the bars, I'm getting Late Night McNuggets. And if I have $1.10 in change, and I'm walking by the golden arches, I'll get a double cheeseburger. Well, that was before I moved to North Carolina and moved 5 minutes within a Hardees where they have an awesome 2 cheeseburgers for $3 deal. (actually, it's 3 for $3.33, as we've been corrected at two different Hardees).

So after much bombardment of the NEW TASTY McNUGGET SAUCE commercials, Addie broke down and decided to McTry them.

We were both skeptical. I mean, it's McDoanld's. There's no way it'd be McLife changing. Or nearly as tasty as the Chik-fil-a sauces. In fact, one of my happiest memories is the day my friend Odie came down from Maryland to help me go through my storage boxes, and we got a super packet of nuggets from Chik-fil-a, and like, 2 of every sauce. We spread the sauce cups out, and had a fuckin nugget schmorgasboard while watching Groundhog Day or something ridiculous.

So we get to the McDrive thru, we order, wrapping it up with a 10 piece McNugget. The following conversation takes place.

high schooler: what kind of sauce would you like?
me: one of each
high schooler: what?
me: one of each. You have the new sauces? One of each.
high schooler: I have to charge you if you get more than 2.
me: what.
high schooler: it's 25 cents each if you want more than two.

[we give each other what? really? but I wanted to try the sauces. But they're charging us. But I want to try them. looks.]

me: ok, one of each. And one barbeque, and one sweet and sour for the french fries.
high schooler: drive around please.

[they're charging you for the sauces for the fries. No they're not, I'll ask her when we go around]

Now, because I'm on a hormonal warpath like a McChampion, and Addie's on day 3 of quitting smoking, the following McConversation happened.

addie: Are you charging us for the sauce for the fries?
high schooler: yes. sauce doesn't come with fries.
me: you're charging for sauce now? I got a 10 piece and I only get 2 sauces?
high schooler: yes.
addie: you're telling me, if I walked up to the counter, and ordered a large fries, and asked for a sweet and sour sauce, you'd charge me?
high schooler: yes.
me: Seriously?!
addie: what about ketchup? What if I wanted 46 packets of ketchup? Do I have to pay for them too?
high schooler: do you want ketchup, sir?
addie: NO!

We sat there in the car, holding up the McLine, debating on whether we'd pay an extra dollar for McSauces. In the end, we decided that since the McSauces did predicate our entire trip out there, and it was a dollar for McSauce or an extra $2 for another McSandwich (to replace the McNuggets and McSauce). So we went for it.

Man, the new sauces are McTerrible.

Since creamy ranch and honey mustard didn't sound new; we went with the classic bbq and sweet and sour, and then chose the "sweet chili" and "spicy buffalo," which I've re-named "McSpit up chinese sweet n sour sauce" and "McEvery buffalo sauce you've ever had, just worse" respectively.

ignore how gross I look. this is the face of writing for 8 hours+ every night.
So yeah, a huge McBust.

Just go to Chik-fil-a.

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Kim said...

I'm McLaughing my ass off!!

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