Friday, June 24, 2011

First (second) trip back to VA

Holy hell, what a week.

I can sum up my second trip back to Virginia in one word: sick.

Not sick as in, "DUDE, SICK!" but more like, waking up the morning after an 8 hour drive with a fever, incurable body pain, and general attitude of "please kill me." First, it was the UTI. Then, the pain reliever that gave me horrible, unplanned anxiety attacks (right when I was sitting in 495 traffic. whee!), vicodin prescriptions that didn't fly with my insurance, more terrible fevers, emergency calls, irritating antibiotic side effects, a stress-induced cold sore that erupted right on my lower lip on a precise nerve that runs from ear to ear, causing sever ear infection symptoms, 3 different doctor's appointments, lots of copay's, and last but not least, the need to sleep for 24 hours a day.

the buddies I made this week!

And then there was this really cute picture message chain that Addie sent me:

"Dog was stuck in this position for like 3 hours earlier. think he was waiting for you to come home :)"

"and when I told him it'd be a week before ya got back, he started crying"

"got him to pull himself together but he's still kinda bummed..."
D'awww :)

Family was in town, and I had people to see, so I didn't get to spend the entire week curled up in bed. But that was good too, as I got to see like, 90% of all the good people in my life, and I had some quality hang out time with my mom and EACH AND EVERY ONE OF MY SIBLINGS, including my sister WHO GOT ENGAGED OVER THE WEEKEND! Now we get to wedding plan. And also, because her story is one of those "miracle, love at first site" kinda deals, I've decided to apply [in her stead] to Say Yes to the Dress (which is more exciting than the actual wedding planning) :D

Also, I watched Game of Thrones. Jesus lord, talk about a HUGE story. I can barely recall character names. All I know is I like it. Need to watch again.

Totally miss having ondemand. 

Also also, mom totally hooked me up with groceries. God Bless insulated freezer bags.

But I was gone for almost 10 days (thank you illness), which is a long time. But it is nice to be home. Even if I did come home to a stack of medical bills and a pile of heavily edited rough drafts.

"we missed you too!"
There's a lot of writing to do, a lot of job hunting to do, a lot of crafts to do, a lot of living to do. And since I'm in a severely irritated with my life state of mind, I don't want to do any of it. I'm having a surprisingly difficult time getting in the mood to get back into my groove down here. (that sentence sounded suggestive, but really, it's not.)


I'm going to do distract myself from this piss-poor attitude. And I'll leave you with this LOLcat I made of my mom's cat Raleigh.

a la Spiderman:

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