Friday, August 23, 2013

20's Bucket List


I don't have a traditional "Bucket List" because I have time table anxiety and I get panic attacks when I have to plan things 3 days in advance, so the idea of making a whole list of things I have to do before I die will ensure I just stay in my room watching bad reality TV on Netflix for the rest of my years. However, I do constantly add/deduct from a set of reasonable and unreasonable goal posts for each of my age brackets. I guess breaking the Bucket List up into 10 year chunks is just easier for me to process (it also makes procrastinating on Living My Life a breeze).

Growing up, I always thought 30 was the age where I'd officially be an adult. Like, have a mortgage, settled down with life partner, established in my fabulous career type of adult. Buuuut, I'm 29 and I'm not there yet. Clearly. And while I have achieved most of the traditional bad decisions bench marks of the typical upper-lower-middle-class-girl-college-grad 20-something experience, there are still a few that I'd like to hit as I round out this second decade of Audrey.

Henceforth, the remains of My 20's Bucket List:

1. Go blonde

2. Travel by myself in a foreign country where I don't speak the language

3. Live by myself

4. Learn how to mix killer cocktails

5. Perform routine maintenance on my car by myself (i.e. no more depending on the Oil Change Fairy, aka Dad)

6. Learn how to use my credit card only in a life or death emergency situation

7. Fully realize that "life or death emergency situation" does not mean trips to the salon, impulsive travel, sales at Anthropologie, etc.

8. Write second novella.

9. Develop a functional wardrobe

10. Pull off [successful] Bank heist

11. Acquire Pulitzer prize

ok, so maybe those last 3 are pipe dreams. And I'm really, really close to checking most of these off my bucket list in the next 3 months (wow that was a lot of 3's in one sentence).

What's on your age-bracket-bucket list?


Katherine Goff said...

I can help with the cocktails!!! (and absolutely nothing else. #superhelpful)

Bad flight attendant said...

1: Ride a Pogo stick across the great state of Maryland.

2: Dive into a body of water with a knife in my teeth in search of buried treasure.

3: Order every credit card that comes in the mail every day for the next year until I have 365 credit cards. I will then withdraw the maximum cash allowance.

4: Fake death to never have to pay credit card companies back.

5: Learn to Pogo stick.

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