Monday, September 2, 2013

Movin' Out, Movin' Up

For the past 5 days, I've woke up at 4 AM feeling like a little kid on Christmas morning. Maybe it's the military kid in me, but I love moving. I love living in new places, doing inventory, sorting, packing and pre-cleaning (more like pre-scouring) and unpacking, having new experiences. But, I'm more excited than usual, because for once, I'm completely on my own. Yeah, it's a bit scary, but it's also a bit fantastically awesome.

This morning, I woke up in my mostly unpacked bedroom, went down to my hurricane mess of a kitchen, made coffee, cut up poundcake for breakfast, and settled down in my box-strewn living room to watch Breaking Bad* on cable I'm paying for in my rental, and it felt great. Good, great, grand.

Sour cream poundcake, I never want to quit you.

For days, I've had a smile on my face that I can't shake. I'm unpacking all my things and realizing, slowly but surely, that I'm almost 30, and I've already amassed a lifetime of stuff. And my parents graciously outfitted me with so much furniture (decorate with heirlooms), so it's already starting to feel like a home.

And speaking of feeling like a home, I brought Bill Purray, Le Chat Panic, over last night, along with his temporary adjustment buddy, Scottie Jane, and he skulked around panting like a dog for an hour before hiding in my closet. But after hiding for what seemed like the entire evening, he marched out and acted like he's lived here all his life. Scottie Jane, on the other hand, who I've renamed Scottie Cool, didn't even bat an eye. When I let her out of the crate, she walked to the edge of the bed and stretched out to fall asleep. You can tell she was raised by basset hounds.

He'll settle in eventually. 

So, the only thing on my to-do list is to finish all the unpacking today. I'm starting to feel like I live in a shanty town. A shanty town with pound cake and cable, but a shanty town nonetheless.


That is, if I don't get eaten by Mt. Saint Box Pile. eeeugh. Also, have I mentioned how awesome my friends and family are? Everyone pitched in and helped, and we managed to load and unload things in just 2 hours in the 90* heat. I'm surrounded by great people.

Man, what a week of newness. New blonder hair (pictures to come!), new place, new things, new neighbors, new challenges.

Here here and what what :D

*speaking of which, OH MY GOD. I'm so torn over being completely sad that the series is ending and completely excited for how well it seems to be wrapping up. AMC, will you marry me?

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