Saturday, August 3, 2013

Goodbye, July!

Holy crap, it's August already? Nice.

I haven't been very present here on the ol' blog, mostly because there hasn't been a lot going on. Well, yeah, there has, totally exciting things like:

I made my bed every day this month.

I'm three payments away from eliminating all my credit card debt forever.

I'm 52 days away from Beer-n-BFF Oktoberfest.

I'm 88 days away from Badass Brooklyn Adventure.

I turned down a promotion at work and didn't get fired (well, haven't been fired--yet.)

I endured 3 days of heat stroke after working outside and drinking too much water during the heat wave (note to self: don't deplete your sodium levels).

I made brown buttered spaghetti and decided it's the best pasta, ever.

I fell asleep every time I sat still for longer than 30 minutes.

I had two house sitting adventures.

I've missed every summer blockbuster I wanted to see.

So yeah. You haven't been missing much.

Mel's Big Lebowski 30-faux birthday

so much coffee


Neve and Shayne

At the winery. FYI, goat cheese stuffed figs are the best snacks ever.

I house sat for a co-worker. This cat is basically her boyfriend's daughter. They had a nanny cam and 2 pages of care instructions. Also, new demands for my dream house include: cathedral ceilings and large sunny windows.

Getting sassy on Kristin's birthday (also, crazy cat lady dress. +10)

saying good bye to Daron before she moved. Also, stealing her chair.

tailgating at the Lake Party 2013

my favorite jelly cat

terrorizing my friends

them terrorizing me

80's party, the champagne of parties

Miami Vice and a make shift fanny pack

basement parties


brown butter spaghetti--try it. So gooooood.

hey girl...

new Dino plush on afore mentioned daily made bed
 Happy August!

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