Monday, August 12, 2013

Dinosaur Weekend!

Mary and I organized a little girls-only trip to her father in law's lake house, and she threw together the coolest Dinosaur Party in celebration of me turning into a dinosaur (i.e. almost 30). There was no shortage of champagne, delicious food, thunderstorms, lake hopping, golf cart cavorting, hula hooping, steak grilling, and of course, dinosaur swag.

And, surprisingly, 8 women survived a booze-fueled, semi-stormy weekend at the lake without getting slaughtered by axe-murderers or mutant lake people or even Sharknadoes.


this table covered with gift bags and masks and blow up raptor and pinatas and period sticks, oh my!

this straight OG

these storrrrrms

this fancy bitch 

these lakeside hula hoopers

that perfect post-storm weather

This mother and her fur child

This delicious ice cream cake

These amazing pinata stuffings 

These greedy pinata poachers

This awesome sisterhood

Weekend mini-vacays are the best. Especially when you can spend them with amazing people in perfect weather having spectacular fun times.

here's to birthdays!

1 comment:

Lancey Pants said...

I picked out the liquor selection in Steg-atops.

"cause bitches LOVE the [Fighting] Cock"

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