Sunday, December 9, 2012

No Good Very Bad Christmas Music

Oh man, I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas music. Mostly hate. On one hand, it's very nostalgic (my mom is a big Christmas music fan) and it always puts me in the Christmas mood. On the other hand, I worked in retail for almost 10 years and every Black Friday they'd pump the same shitty Christmas music through the speakers until I felt I was going to stab my ears with ball point pens.

Ok, so maybe the holiday cheer released before the 1970's isn't too bad. And "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" is probably my favorite Christmas song:

But man, the 80's and 90's were some TERRIBLE times for the Holiday Music Industry.

For example: A few years ago, Look Who's Talking Now came out on Instant Netflix, and being a sucker for movies I loved as a kid, I watched it. At the end, there's this... intriguing music video. It instantly got stuck in my head, and I found myself humming it all the time, regardless of the season. That was years ago. I still hear it. It's catchy. It's creepy. It's full of French Christmas spirit. And now I want to gift it to you, because the timing is appropriate and I feel like I can pull a Ring move and inflict this on someone else to free me of its evil spell.

Anyone remember Jordy Lemoine?

And that reminds me of another terrible, awful, no good, very bad, very infectious Christmas song:

Which reminds me of my most HATED Christmas song of all time:

see what happens when you remove the Philips?

Ah, Christmas Crap.

But! To radically change the subject from Christmas Crap to Christmas Cheer, please take a second to write a Thank You note to Santa on the Toys for Tots Facebook Page!

All you have to do is like Marine Toys for Tots, submit your Thank You note on your favorite or most memorable present, and then Hasbro will donate a toy to Toys for Tots on your behalf! It's easy! Fast! Free! Charitable! And who doesn't feel like they're being a good person? Exactly. Share and encourage your friends to do it, too. Then you can sit around with justifiable smug looks and be like Yeah. I'm Awesome. I helped a disadvantaged kid. 

Alright. It's 5 PM on Sunday. Probably time to finish my laundry and de-germ the house (I got attacked by some kind of flu-funk on Friday. Now I'm on a warpath.)

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