Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Interesting Things Found While Cleaning Out My Car

Today, I sporadically decided to take my car to the shop for a winterize well baby exam (hooray, coupon--and hooray, keeping my promise to my car), which meant I finally had to strip my car. I haven't really unloaded or cleaned it out since February, and it finally got to the point where I was embarrassed to be seen driving in it. And while I didn't have time this morning for detailing, I did unload all the crap that was hoarding it up in there. And it made for a relatively interesting scene:
  • 5 different gloves, all left handed
  • 1 pack each of: Ginger Ale, Dr. Pepper, and Diet Dr. Pepper
  •  a random high heel
  • 3 pairs of gym sneakers
  • 14 lbs of clothing, ranging from spring-summer to underwear
  • 4 travel mugs, all beyond washing
  • various over the counter pills
  • bowl
  • plate 
  • set of silverware
  • (approx) 197 cocktail peanuts (found scattered and in every crevice of the car)
  • box of kitty litter
  • 1 sock
  • half a plastic gun
  • Breaking Dawn pt 1 poster
  • 4 overnight bags with clothes and crafts
  • 3 phone chargers, all different
  • anti-nausea pills
  • 1 Target bag full of moldy clothes (ew.)
  • (approx) 47 empty or half-empty water bottles
  • a random 6 pack of ginger ale (why so much ginger ale?)
  • flapper dress
  • bag of dragons
  • blow up doll (oh, hey Halloween costume)
  • baseball bat (decided to leave this in the car, in case of rapist attacks)
  • $14 in change
  • bag of assorted linens
  • 5 purses
  • medium sized pyrex baking pan with lid
  • various iPod accessories :(
  • tooth brush shiv
  • bag of Christmas decorations
  • a medium sized white board that says "a white people board for white people problems" in permanent ink (thanks, dad)
  • bridesmaid dress from Mary's wedding
  • giant box of antique books from Mary's wedding
  • that one bra I thought I had lost
  • a huge craft bag filled with name-board trash, programs and a paper cutter from Mary's wedding
  • 3 lbs Chik-fil-A trash
  • the bones of a rolling garment rack that was clearly broken
  • cookie cooling racks
  • Holiday Tobias Rexington  (pictured below)
  • shovel
  • rope
  • lye (just kidding)
  • 6 Hobo's (am I kidding?)
What's really embarrassing is that I've taken it to the shop in varying stages of Hobo-Ford Focus-Rape-Town what, 3 times so far this year? And it's just now gotten to the point where I'm compelled to clean it out before I take it in?

It's a good/sad thing to know that I have so little respect for my public appearance.

In other news, I may have siatica. Or however you spell it. Joy.


Cara said...

Is this real life?

Lindsay B said...

Congratulations on finding that bra! That's always a great feeling. Love your writing!

Sonja said...

this is even more inspiration to clean my car.. but only because i want to see if i find more random crap in mine than you did in yours. :)

Kim said...

I am concerned that the changing of seasons may have damaged the 3 12 paks of sodas....I am so glad to see my antique books again!!

GunslingerSouth said...

So I mean, the cool thing is you now have tons of free stuff, right? I call this a Win.

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