Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Everything's Ok

The shooting in Newport was sad. And with people I know who are parents to children that age, it's easier to imagine the pain that those families are feeling. It's easier to feel bewildered anger at the media for exploiting the ever living Hell out of it. It's easier to want to point the blame at gun laws and parents and whatnot. It's easier to feel small and weird and powerless. 

So Friday was sad and weird, made more weird and sad by having to drive through the scene of a car accident, where I got a glimpse of a bloodied body being covered by a white cloth.

But, I worked through the weirdness by remembering the good things that I have right now, that I've had before, that I'll have in the future, and all the good people I've been lucky enough to surround myself with. And I ended up having a fantastic weekend in Charlotte. 

Can I just say, I effing love white lights in trees.

I finally got that pony I always wanted.

"I wish I could have ordered my pizza from Domino's. In the 80's."

It's a week til Christmas! I finished my shopping tonight, and now I'm just faced with the daunting task of reconciling my bank and account and gift wrapping. I am the worst. gift wrapper. ever. And I always say "this is the year I make everybody's presents because I'm broke." But once again, I overindulged because my family has been awesome to me this year and they should be awarded. But it's ok. Because I'm eating homemade cookies and homemade spaghetti and there are three snoozing pets on my bed.

and everything is ok. 


GunslingerSouth said...

I also love white Christmas lights and have overdrawn my bank account buying gifts. I'm sorry about what you saw in the car accident! :(

Kim said...

Very Nice.

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