Saturday, December 8, 2012

Getting Older, Growing Stronger

This morning, I randomly found this picture in the living room:

my siblings, our awesome dog Joey and me in the spring of 2002
So I put it through the editor and put it up on Facebook with the quickness, because that's what I do.

Kristin was quick to point out that 2002 was a decade ago. And then, Cara pointed out that Men In Black was 14 years ago. And I was like, Cara, we met 18 years ago.

Holy Crap, I've known my oldest BFF's for a long time.

I met Cara in 4th grade: 18 years ago.
I met Leah in 7th grade: 15 years ago.
I met Scott in 9th grade: 12 years ago.
I met Odie in 10th grade: 12 years ago (no, I didn't do the math wrong, I met them both in 2000).
Not to mention Kristin and Daron, with whom I'm approaching the 6 year mark.

Being a military kid, everyone I knew moved around--A LOT. And eventually, after 2 or 3 moves, phone numbers became long distance and friendships kinda faded away since we were too young to talk on the phone when long distance was cheaper (ah, the good old days). So when I was growing up, I used to envy people who had been friends with their friends since like, kindergarten, because everyone had stayed in one place. I assumed I'd meet new people wherever I went, and I'd have friends for a few years and that'd be it.

But, God bless email and Instant Messenger and free nights and weekends on cell phones, because it sure made keeping in touch immeasurably easier. And you know, after doing the numbers, I guess I do have some life long friends.

They're my favorite tumors. I love you guys.

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