Sunday, November 18, 2012

the end of a saga

First things first: I don't know why I'm into Twilight, but I am.

It's the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures. I hate the writing in the books and in the screen play. I don't think Taylor Lautner is hot. Kristen Stewart has the charm and charisma of wall paper paste. The cinematography is canned. The make up and wig people should have been fired. The story is tired and obvious and then it's down right creepy and weird. There's nothing redeeming about the series, except for the fact that it made people read. 

So really, what it boils down to is it's just something I love to hate. People don't really get it, and I'm ok with that. I'm not a twi-hard. I'm not emotionally invested in the franchise. I'm not this girl:

But I am, however, the girl who likes to make a big to-do out of things. So in celebration, the Sparkle-Pire alliance gathered, and wore the mustachio'd t-shirts I made and drank up some boxed wine and headed to the theater. Because we're all in our mid to late twenties and we have no shame in our game.

Yep. I will admit, though, this was probably the most surprising movie experiences I've had in a quite a while. And I really want to talk about it, but I don't want to post spoilers. 

But, I will tell you that I was getting all kinds of riled up at the end, because it was uncharacteristically spectacular, and it was going in the direction of how the book should have ended. BUT THEN, there was a twist. And the twist was turrible. And I got so mad that I cried. (ok, that might have been more to do with the boxed wine and how mad I was at myself for actually having expectations of this steaming pile of cheese, sentiment, and creepy Mormon abstinence propaganda in the first place, but still).

Oh, and I lost my muff-purse somewhere in the theater D: I'm not sure what happened to it. But thank god I wasn't using it as a purse-purse, or else I'd be way more sad. 

Anyway, it seems like yesterday that it was the fall of 2008 and the psychologists I worked for convinced me to read the first book. And then, after a 5 month hiatus, I tore through the next 3. I'm a little bummed out that we won't have another shaming nerd fest next year, but I'm glad I had a buddy come with me on this terrible ride.

... This is quickly becoming the most embarrassing entry I've ever posted. More embarrassing to note is, I'm on my way to see it again. This time, with my mom.

No shame, guys. 

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bunnymachine said...

I love this!

Also, I'm really good at looking really bad. I need to put that down on my resume.

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