Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Did your Thanksgiving involve free air travel?

All you can eat oysters and crab legs?

Turkey and beef tenderloin?

A kitchen buffet full of artery clogging deliciousness?

Pumpkin Ginger Snap pie, scotch eggs and cinnamon sugar donut muffins?

Free movies and TV you've been dying to catch up on?

Sunny 62* weather?

A gross bout of food poisoning?

Dart games, Star Wars debates, and making 90's style sand crafts?

Delicious and inexpensive phở?

Long nights, great conversation, and hours of catching up with old friends and family and basically having a fantastic time?

Mine did. And it was glorious. (well, except for the food poisoning)

Natacha and Chris flew me down to NC at the last second, and I spent the week re-charging and hanging out in the mountains. I know some great people.

Shiva Bowl champion
Yes, that pathetic 4 points is the best I've ever played in darts
the "grand slam": I can't remember the ingredients, but it involves booze-infused bacon, is chased with OJ and tastes like breakfast in Heaven.

Chris and Natacha's "tree that ate Asheville." To give you an idea of scale, that door is 8 feet tall

new camera app makes for insufferable  amounts of self portraits 

sweet graffiti 
I came home today to a reminder from Billvis Jay Purray that I had forgotten to eat my Bojangles. He opened my bag and sussed it out himself. I have the fattest, greediest cat ever. Never mind the fact that I had a Bojangles chicken biscuit in my computer bag. Shut up. 

Sigh, I love vacation. But now it's time to get back to work. And life.

And Liz and Dick, which is so terrible. Absolutely terrible. And not like, in a fun way. womp womp.

Oh well, good decisions.

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Kim said...

speaking as a fellow free flight FREE FIRST CLASS traveler, I have to agre that vacas are sweet!! and reality bites.

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