Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thanks a bunch!

Mother Nature has it out for me.

In addition to legs, arms and ribs that are still sore, a surprise case of pseudo-strep throat, a pile of brain melting, skin frying112* days, and a mini-tropical storm that took out power lines and cell phone towers, Shark Week** descended this morning and it's the worst pain I've gone through since I was 14.

I've been in a perma-bitch mood all day, which, I think is understandable and maybe even a little forgivable considering what's going on, so I'm finding things to make me laugh in order to lighten things up.   

Here's what I've found so far:

--"Beauty and the Beat"

3 people sent this to me yesterday, and I'm still lol-erskating to it--mostly because it reminds me of my freshman year of college.

--"Death Star Canteen"

because there's nothing better than Eddie Izzard, unless it's Eddie Izzard talking about Star Wars.

--"Star Wars I Used to Know"

I'm ashamed to admit that I've been singing this in my head all day.

--The Blurry Adventures of Landmass Lucy vs. Cup-a-Noodle

**** this.

alright, back to my Arrested Development and writing marathon weekend.

**best euphemism for menstruation I've heard since I was 14.

1 comment:

Lancey Pants said...

LOL @ Shark Week. Totally using this.

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