Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bark in the Park

I don't like baseball. In fact, that is an understatement. Most of the time, I'd rather re-take the math portion of my SAT's or my GRE than go to a baseball game. Why?

  • is slow moving
  • is outdoors
  • is during the summer
  • has the world's most uncomfortable chairs
  • only serves $8 beers
However. My parents/my family are huge baseball fans. And my dad is a season ticket holder for the Washington Nationals. As such, I've been dragged to a handful of games, which usually resulted in me sleeping or drinking my way to leaving them early.

But then the Nat's decided to pique my interest. They introduced "Bark in the Park," where you can bring your dogs to the game. Now, this did make me almost  want to go to a game... but not really. I figured I could just as easily watch a game and drink beer with Lucy on the couch as I could muddle through traffic for two hours to watch a game and drink beer in uncomfortable seats with Lucy.

Lucy and I are really good at drinking on the couch.
So I declined every invitation to Bark in the Park.

That is, until my mom bought me a ticket and said my participation was mandatory. 

(Womp womp, my parents are making me go to a major league baseball game where I get to hang out with dogs and eat nachos and drink beer all expenses paid I'm 27 I know, I know. First world problems.)

It actually ended up being a lot of fun. Thanks to getting stuck in traffic, we missed 4 innings (woo!), the Nationals murdered the Braves, so they didn't have to play the 9th inning at all, and I got to spend 90% of the game hanging out with Lucy and a gaggle of other really awesome dogs. And it was a sunny, humidity free, breezy day that only got to like, 72*. I can't imagine baseball getting any better.

intrepid Basset at the start of the journey

2 hours into the traffic...

who said Washington sports are dead?
adoring fans
and more adoring fans

cute wee baby blurry lab

like buddy, like buddy: Lucy bored at the game
puppy port-a-potty
awkward drunk guy adoring Lucy

lair of the big dogs




this. this is our serious face.

our spoken word album cover

Moral of the story:

beers+dogs+shortened games=tolerable baseball


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