Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holy Delayed Post, Batman

It's been one of those weeks where being an adult sucks and I had to make questionable, tough cuts in my life (including quitting my job--long story) in order to keep bettering myself. So I'm exhausted.

But there are some good things.

It was like, 50* last night, so I slept with the windows open. And when I woke up at 12:30, it was still brisk and breezy. I took an editing test today while sitting out on the deck, and I definitely needed a sweat shirt after 30 minutes. I wish the entire summer would be this beautiful, but I'll relish it until Thursday, when the 100* temps and the 900% humidity come roiling back in.

Also, I can't remember the last time I slept past noon. I forget that it cuts your day in half.

also, also, what is this and how can I get one?

what a delicious injection

I've been listening to lots of stand up, including Patton Oswalt:

"Physics for Poets." I love it.

I made a 101 Things in 1000 days list of goals that I'll likely never achieve. But it's nice to have them documented, for strategic guilt purposes.

I'm teaching myself how to make a loose ribbed scarf, like this one:

but so far, it's pretty difficult to figure out. 

I'm also in the mood for cake. So I think I'll bake one. And listen to this song non-stop:

Because there's nothing I like better than baking and eating a cake while listening to Cake.

Also, the best (worst?) part of sleeping with the windows open and then spending most of your waking day outside is when you get so inflicted with allergies that your brain fogs up and you post random, light headed, dizzy entries like this that serve no real purpose.

take that, bandwidth I don't pay for!

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