Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Employment, v.897


This is what the sky looks like when I go to bed. At 9:30 PM. Because I have to be in the car at 5:45 AM, to get to my job by 7 AM. Because I'm old and responsible and this is what happens when you're old and responsible.

But, it's been a week, and so far, the only really difficult part of my new job is re-aligning my sleep schedule (I'm definitely more of a wake up at 9 PM and stay up til 7 AM type), and in turn, re-aligning my writing schedule. It does suck to have your days automatically sliced into thirds: working/everything not involving work/sleeping. I mean, I haven't had a week of real work yet and already I miss the open hours of nothing that sporadic employment provided.

Granted, I haven't been out of the work force for that long. But in North Carolina, I lived 5 minutes away from the office, and going to work was more often than not a chance to hang out with friends while baby sitting and doing some admin work on the side.

So, yeah. I have my own office. I have funny co-workers around my age. I have a nice boss. I have writing assignments. I have free parking in Old Town. I work 7-3, and miss 90% of commuting traffic (except for last Thursday when I went in late and got stuck in the 2 hour rush hour massacre).

Onward to payday!

also, was Sunday night TV thrilling for everyone else as it was for me? Sheww, Madmen broke my heart, Game of Thrones gave me nightmares, and The Killing made me facepalm. Girls was good too, even if it's  slowly becoming a Sex and the City type guilty pleasure for me.


Kim said...

I feel ya! Heck, my commute took 25 minutes yesterday!!!

bunnymachine said...

THANK GOD I am not the only person who guiltily (if begrudgingly) enjoys "Girls" on HBO.

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