Tuesday, February 7, 2012

taxes are stupid

I came home with every intention to write and be awesome until Teen Mom which I will watch and become even more awesome, but, continuing in my Synaptic Mis-Fire Tuesday, I decided to try and do my taxes this year.

Why the hell did I think that was going to be a good idea? Between the part-year residences and the IRA distributions and the 1099 I got that I don't think is correct and NC being a bigger tax butthole than the grand old commonwealth, I'm about to kick turbo tax in the face.

I'm just going to crawl back to my old CPA boss and have him handle it.

I miss the days when I'd get amazing refunds. But now I'm over 25 and female and childless and single and don't own a house and I'm not in school anymore, so I'm kinda boned. Thank you, Government, for taxing my life choices.

And I hope the next person who comes at me with how GLORIOUS their refund is ends up having terrible car problems that take up all of said GLORIOUS refund. Whatever happened to talking about how much money you make being one of the rudest things to discuss?

I'm going for a walk to satiate my bitchiness.


bunnymachine said...

Pretty much my whole refund is going towards fixing my stupid car, so I guess divine karma is equalizing our life situations. <3 I love you, Miss Turner!

Cara said...

No time like the present to become the Teen Mom you always wanted to be. Think of the tax breaks!

Cindy said...

Just hope you don'e have to owe anything this year. We have not done ours yet but I am pretty sure I should have changed my withdrawal elections when the household income changed :P

Kim said...

Yes!! Have Kim do your taxes and take ours too!!! Pretty please!!!!

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