Thursday, February 2, 2012

Real Distraction

I've decided that, in lieu of writing, I'm just going to make mash up drawings of Velociraptors and Everything I Love.

First up: Velociraptor + The Wire

Ziggy Raptor!

I also splurged and bought a new office chair, because my old office chair was for suckers (so I gave it to Addie).

OoooOooo, lookit all dat support.

It was on super sale, and is already 100% more comfortable than any other desk chair I've had (save the super tall, regal arm chair I had in high school), so hopefully this is an omen for increased productivity. Like, maybe some actual writing instead of just Raptor Drawings. (but hey let's not get cocky).

Stay tuned for more Raptor Drawings?

Oh. I know you will.


Cynthia said...

Do I see Watermelon Boone's Farm?

Instant classic!

Kim said...

Nice office chair!!!

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