Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday was pretty solid.

First, I had lunch at the amazing Daddy D's Suber Soulfood in downtown Hendersonville, where I had a life changing fried pork chop, magical mac-n-cheese, and the world's best green beans.

I ate half of the first Fried Pork Chop before I remembered to get a picture.
And when I got home, I checked my email, and I got an out of the blue message--

I was asked to join the WNC Online Ad Network!

It's going to be great to potentially reach more readers.  I'm a little embarrassed that my first link on their network has me jibbering about MS Paint, alas; I live to serve my public. (such a class act.)

Also, the editor who contacted me praised my use of "rapist spider crickets."


So if you see an ad on my page, click on it! Support it, support me, support free speech, support the world, man.

After being ridiculously excited, I started in on my Valentines Day tradition of eating steak, drinking red wine, and watching horror movies (Let Me In is as good as Let the Right One In, and just as sad).

oh yes.

my serving size appropriate dinner

Addie's caveman size appropriate dinner

And then there was the Teen Mom 2 season finale, and me going to bed tipsy and full of delicious red meat. Solid day.

Today, after a valiant 4 hour shopping experience, I found a pair of jeans that fit and aren't terribly ugly for $8. It was a Christmas miracle. I basically only buy jeans every 3 or 4 years, when they start falling apart. And my go-to pair finally got a hole in the keister that tunic tops could no longer cover. When you're almost 5'10" and have some extra baggage in your lower trunk area, pants shopping just sucks.

This is why it's easier to wear tunics, dresses and leggings 90% of the time.

awwwright. I'm exhausted.


Steve Shanafelt said...

"Rapists spider crickets" are genius. I need to see that one a t-shirt.

Kim said...

Congrats congrats!!
Now on to the REALLY important topic -- ARE THOSE BRUSSEL SPROUTS ON YOUR PLATE???

bunnymachine said...

I would like you to know that I clicked on your screenshot thinking it was an ad not once, but twice.

I tried. I'm sorry.

Jean Maurie (angelsloveyou) said...

I like your style. Oh that food, made me hungry. Looking forward to what you'll write about next.

One Girl said...

I just joined the network! Nice to "Meet" you!!!

Audrey said...

You, too!

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