Sunday, February 5, 2012

Having a Nice Time

it's funny how once I've finally resolved to being awake, after I have made my coffee and have situated myself at the computer that the restless dog finally falls asleep, the mice stop running in their wheel, and Addie stops snoring.

Story of my life.

Yesterday was pretty damn awesome. I woke up early and wrote pretty steadily from 10:30-5:30, and then scattered from 7-11, and pretty solidly from midnight-2. I feel like I should have more pages, considering how long I worked, but I'm just happy to have written more than a couple of sentences.

Take that, writer's block!

Actually, I can thank the sudden, obvious, realization I had on Friday during my daily "Why Aren't You Doing More" pep-talk/beat down. I was in the middle of berating myself for not looking for more online outlets when it clearly dawned on me: in order to submit pieces for publishing, I actually have to have pieces to submit for publishing. That means sitting down and writing. Writing words. And stuff. I can't very well go around trying to send in the same 3 stories that I wrote in college.

So, I'm taking a break from my book and am starting hard work on a couple of essay-type editorials and a satirical short story. And as soon as they're done, I'll start shopping them around online. I hope this will be a nice change of pace.

In the mean time, here is my latest Velociraptor + Things I Love: a squirrel, a giraffe, and a velociraptor having a nice time on a Sunday morning:

Have a nice time watching the Super Bowl, if that's what you're in to.


Mandy said...

I want that picture on a tote bag. I think you should sell them on cafe press. Is that what it's called?

Audrey said...

that would be pretty nice on a totebag! or a hoodie.

*runs off to research cafe press

Kim said...

Dad and I want a matted framed copy of that cool picture for our anniversary!!! Oh yeah, sign it too!! (and a little inscription about how much you owe us for all of our support etc etc wouldn't hurt either...) Also...Glad to hear that you are flexing your short story / essay muscles!!

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