Friday, February 3, 2012

life fuss

Apparently, holding your arm up in an unknowingly awkward Z-shaped position in order to get a better control on your mouse so you can draw velociraptors will strain all the muscles and ligaments and what not in your fore-arm from your knuckles to your shoulder.

Typing, texting, brushing my teeth, stirring coffee, opening things, folding socks, blow drying my hair, stretching my arm up to put on deodorant: all excruciating. See, I only get injured in the most incredibly badass way possible.

But it's ok, because that raptor drawing was totally worth it. And I'm working on another one, inspired by this badass card Shelby got me from The Oatmeal:

best card ever!
I'm also gearing up to make the worst dinner ever, using Alton Brown's Pork Tenderloin marinade and grilling tips. It seems like a pretty easy meal to make, but I have a bad feeling about it. I was supposed to make it on Tuesday night, but I didn't realize the marinade took 6-24 hours (Once again, I need to start reading the entire recipe). And on Wednesday, I opted for a nap instead of doing anything else. So last night, in the midst of a full-on hormone attack, I started making the marinade and got into 16 different arguments with myself--the biggest one revolving around trying to get finely grated zest from a lime, using a cheese grater and FML I just realized that I forgot to put the freakin' chipotle pepper in the marinade and it's been in the fridge since 9:30 last night DAMMIT. Also, I'm not very good at grilling things (at all), so I'm not looking forward to that. Also, also, I hate that the cheapest I can get cilantro and parsley is like, $3, and they're only used for garnish. Why don't they just make garnish-sized bunches? I just hate wasting fresh food.

Basically, I'm never making this meal again. I swear to god.

I am however, making the Bacon Peanut Butter Cookies that Mandy mentioned. Hopes are high that they are as life changing as everyone says they are.

OH, and in brighter news, I'm now at over 10,000 views!

I know that 10,000 views in 9 months is nothing in the real scheme of Internet Views, and also that most likely 60% of those page views are from my mom, and that my blog is really tiny compared to everything else out there, but it's still exciting to me, because my blog is important to me. My mom reminded me of how excited I was when I hit 1,000 views. That feels like a long time ago. It's crazy to think, at this point last year, I was quitting my full time job, taking my last vacations to visit friends, and starting to pack, crawling with anxiety over what I was doing.

Ugh, self-reflection. That's a post for another day.

For now, it's 2:30 and I've done nothing constructive on this day I took off of work just so I could be constructive.

Sounds about right.

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Kim said...

Well, maybe not SIXTY percent...

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