Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First October-Faire

So October weekend #2 in VA was lovely and semi-productive and filled with WEDDING PLANNING.

Basically, it boiled down to...

long car rides
seriously awesome nieces

serious dress shopping

terrifying, Big Head zombie pictures with Mary

my dad's awesome tie

"You make me feel like I am living a tan-ger-ine dream When you try me on"
hanging out with the Duchess of of York

watching Neve have way too much fun trying on dresses
farm fresh preserves and crackers: new favorite hangover food

finding creepy business cards in desk drawers ("I vill sell you haus. Zen punch you in za face with zis violin")

hangin'out with Spruce-Loose-MaGroose, or Roos's Gooses, or Lucy.

cuddling with the only cat I love

wine nights!

stand-still traffic at 11 PM on a Monday night. My God I don't miss this.

getting way too excited about buying Old People Things (board games, sauce dishes, preserves, soap, infused-tea tea pots...)

Addie's really excited about his new sauce tray. It is pretty awesome. I'm dying over the ladles.

Other, non-pictorial high lights:

-being surrounded by hilarious, wine drinking women talking about weddings will made me spend my month's entertainment budget on too much wine on one dinner. Whoops...
-my 2 year old niece literally danced around the bridal salon in the flower girl dresses she picked out, and demanded to wear her snow boots with tights and a corduroy skirt. It was cuteness overload, and came dangerously close to killing my "no little Audrey's" rule.

-HOWEVER. With that said, baby piglets are the probably the cutest things ever.

-HOWEVER AGAIN. A baby piglet's shriek is the scariest sound in the world. Addie's little sister Leah picked one up and it got really upset. And the shriek will continue to haunt my dreams.

-I'm not sure if I ever want to get married, but I am absolutely 100% positive that I want to go wedding dress shopping. SO MANY GORGEOUS GOWNS. It was so much fun, and Mary was so happy in her dress, I swear to god her smile lit up Alfred Angelo. Also, I saw Leah in her dress [via email] and she was glowing like the sun. (did I mention it was a very wedding-tastic weekend?) Now all I want to do is try on gowns.

-When you want to try on gowns, don't put on your old prom dresses as a substitute. It will require two people to zip you into them and then you will look like you're 3 months pregnant. Pregnant with a wine vat. Lovely. Will soon invest in personal trainer.

-Addie wants me to mention that he had Chipotle, 2 strawberry milkshakes, and Lo's chinese food (on 3 different nights), which makes this the best Virginia trip ever.

-Everyone should have a weekend where they don't brush their hair once and sleep every chance they get and basically live like a burly animal. It's fantastic.

There was an upset at work, and my supervisor is no longer working with us. It's totally sad for me, because she's awesome and going in and shootin' the shit with her was definitely a high light of my day. But, at the same time, it's totally awesome for her, because she is meant for bigger and better things and a boss who won't use her as a punching bag. So we'll see how it works out with the new girls, since I'm still kind of a newbie, and they're definitely newbies.

*fingers crossed that my job remains awesome*

This is pretty much the month of Virginia. On Friday, I'm heading  up there with Shelby to go to INOVA's annual gala. My first gala. I'm beyond excited :D And I probably haven't spent this much money on gas since January.

Alright, time for writing and fat pants... which might need to be retired soon*.

*yeah that definitely won't happen.

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