Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brisk Days and Deities

I spent the weekend in Maryland and Virginia. Bless whatever deity was responsible for the weather, because it was between 55-60* and cloudy/rainy all weekend--which meant I got to wear my SWEATER HOOD and a jacket all weekend long. And in case you didn't know, that makes my inner goth kid alllllll kinds of excited. 

in case you were wondering what the manifestation of my soul looks like
But also bless whatever deity was responsible for making Brian's Oktoberfest and Daron's Rennfaire B-day on the same weekend, the very same weekend that I had extra money for gas. I had a blast, gpt to see 90% of my Baltimore Homies, lost many a brain cell at Oktoberfest, and when Daron's b-day plans were canceled, we enjoyed a fantastic lazy day, including trash TV, hot cider, sweat pants, a roaring fire, and me looking like I stumbled out of Hangover Lagoon.

true story

And further bless whatever deity was responsible for 16 hours of driving that gave me lots of quality alone time for introspection, and my family for putting me up with sleeping for 24 of the 36 hours I spent with them, and for taking me to Ikea and making me eggs and buying me the coziest shoes I've ever owned:

omg, THEY ARE SHEARING LINED. best ever.

I started to inventory my sister's wedding china (she's using mix n match used china, and I'm totally stealing the idea--provided that I get married in the next 20-50 years)


I love Virginia in the fall. I wish I could have stayed longer! *even though I'll be back there in ten days, cough cough

But, now it's back to work, literally and also back to work on my book. There's a crap ton of stuff to put away,

what's up, clean and now wrinkled clothes
the Audrey Kitchen Corner to play around with,

wine, absinthe, and baking tools: everything that's delightful and awful for me, all in one space
and pumpkin/cider spiced candles to enjoy:

I lurve the fall
And speaking of work, I've got my issues kinked out, and feel good about staying at my assistant job. I think this blooming flower on our window sealed the deal:

love, luv, lurve
Ok, maybe it didn't, maybe the 4 day weekends sealed the deal, but still. It was very pretty to look at for the 4 hours it bloomed.

I'm all kinds of stuck in my head lately. And while it's good stuff for novel works, personally, it's suffocating and I'm not a lot of fun to be around at ze moment. I think I'll spend a lot of time outside tomorrow.

Well, as much outdoors as my Insect and Plant Life-Intolerant-White-Girl-Genetics can handle. :D

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