Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Gala

This past Saturday was Inova's Annual Celebration of Excellence Gala! Addie couldn't get off work (and there may have been something about not being able to get a tux made out of sweat suit material), so I tagged along with Shelby for a Girl's weekend of fabulous.

And indeed, much fabulousness was had.

hey hey, Shelby!
This is what it looks like when I remember to shower

 And there was much swankiness

(even a swanky studded clutch)    

only the classiest of joints put Orchids and French Fried Onions in their salads
The Secretary of Health took this for us. Just sayin.

 And a Kool & the Gang concert...

Shelby, the fan girl

You've never seen an older, whiter crowd tying to get down
I liked everything about the gala. From nailing down an emergency hair appointment to give me beautiful big ass curls (which stayed in for over 36 hours Thank you Hair Spray), to rubbing elbows with the super rich and obscurely famous, to sitting at the head table with a Senator, the Secretary of Health, to eating mysterious fish and beef, to hi-fiving the President of BB&T, to dancing and sweating to the point of nausea, everything was really great and so much fun. 

We were right beside the table which sat the Dean of George Mason, but I had an unfortunate bout of shyness all night, and when I finally manned up to go say hello, he was gone. Sigh. 

I'm not sure what the shyness was about. Probably from my incessant inner monologue of "hey Over Indulgent Audrey--how about you don't make an ass out of yourself in front of your boyfriend's father and colleagues--even if there is an open bar." I mean, Lord knows how I've embarrassed myself, my country and my family when I was younger (or like, last month). And thank god only the ushers were in the dining room when I accidentally pulled a chair down with my coat sleeve. Grace and elegance: my raison d'etre.

So the gala was awesome, but I think my favorite parts were driving and gettin' real with Shelby. I had no idea we had so much in common, or that I was capable of just gabbing for 9 hours straight, and then 9 hours again when we drove home. My throat still hurts from all the talking, but still, good times. :)

And speaking of good times, I got to see these beasts one more time before I ditch them until Christmas:
Ellie sleeps...

Lucy waits...
And there was the fanciest Project: Taco Time Sunday Party waiting for me when I got home last night, which was all kinds of wonderful:

I say "fanciest" because we actually used a serving dish that wasn't tupperware or reynolds wrap. Oh and Addie made lime-cilantro rice, black beans, and spicy ground beef. And I say "Project" because we watched Project Runway. Because we're winners, through and through.

Work is still in transition and probably will be for the next few months. I have a feeling I'll be drained and exhausted by January, but hey. It'll get better. The new girls are sassy, my boss is being patient (for the time being) and I have a bunch of new earrings to wear. That should will help.

I also have an acute case of narcolepsy, as I started to write this half an hour ago with the energy of a ferret, and I'm already falling asleep at my desk. Time to put on the fat pants and sleep it off. 

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