Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Settled Week

It's been a quiet week here at Camp Firsts. But I'll go ahead and bullet this out since the little things that did happen, happened with no logical order or segue.

And you know. Bullet points are awesome.

  • Day 1 of On The Job Training with my boss and my new office manager. aka, Day 1 of Information Overload in ADD City (my boss can't tell a story without leaping onto every Tangent Train that passes through the station. Kinda exactly like me when I've had too much to drink)
  • went on a Target/Best Buy/Harris Teeter adventure with Addie
  • did precisely 1% of the cleaning I needed to
  • participated in Project: Taco Time Sunday Party, the Monday Episode
  • re-invigorated by Taco Nutrition, decided to finish the remaining 99% of cleaning 
  • blogged
  • passed out
  • work scramble continues
  • ate the best hot carved ham sandwich of my life (seriously, Mountain Deli makes the best, freshest, luscious sandwiches in the world. And they sell antiques in the shop. And it doesn't hurt that the new sandwich guys are really hot)
  • finally re-arranged my desk nook in a way that I really like. Now I just need a proper light system and a better chair and I'll be good to go
  • organized all my jewelry in my new super sweet, badass $10.00 antique jewelry box while catching up on Boardwalk Empire (look at me simultaneously checking things off my to-do list!)
3 boxes have now become 1
  • reveled in  having all my jewelry in one place for the first time ever
  • was further unable to reconcile my strange love for Steve Buschemi (I've been in awkward, fidgety love with him since the 8th grade)
yes please. /awkward
  • looked at for much longer than necessary
  • blogged
  • watched Red State with Addie, finally. It was a *completely* different movie than I thought it would be. It showed true potential to be awesome... Two other loves of my life, Kyle Gallner and Michael Angarano are in it. But it had a lot of exposition that dragged it down, and some Kevin Smith style that made most of the serious dialogue sound silly. It was definitely his most stylistic attempt (even if it did feel like the Cohen Bros gave him notes on scene composition). All in all, I'd watch it again.
  • passed out
  •  had my monthly sit down with myself about how NEXT MONTH YOU WILL BE BETTER followed by the monthly sit down with myself about how AND THIS MONTH YOU WILL STICK TO IT
  •  let Addie take me out for .35 wing night (which is fast becoming a weekly ritual. For $8, I get 2 beers and 8 pretty good, large size chicken wings. And the bar staff is really cool and Shelby and her friends hang out there, too. I'm down.)
  • finished another 30-40% of cleaning/rearranging
  • passed out
  • met my boss at his dermatologist's office. We were at lunch a few weeks ago when my boss was like OH GOD GET THAT THING REMOVED I'LL PAY FOR IT and before I knew it, I had an appointment with his dermatologist. The mole thing has never bothered me, and according to every doctor I've seen, it's harmless. And I've grown accustomed to it. But my mom hassles me about things like "skin cancer" so I figured, just take it off.
  • while I was there, I had the Doc look at a mole on my boob. He was like "Uh, it has two red  flags, so we'll take it off and have it bi-opsied." I'm not worried. I've had scary looking moles removed before and they've all been benign. But I was a little bummed out. I liked the mole. It gave my small boob some character. It's weird to become attached to things like moles. But it's better safe than sorry. And it'll still have character, since there will now be a pale, divet scar on the boob. And now I get to say "my boss paid for some young blonde dude to man-handle and disfigure my boob." 
  • ate something like, 14 donuts
  • ran away from a giant brown recluse AND a giant spider cricket in the garage
  • Addie had to work all night, so I had the place to myself. I felt motivated, so I opened a highly anticipated bottle of wine and watched paranormal activity 1 and 2 while I called and talked at people for an hour or so (woo, feeling chatty)
  • Found some awesome motivation buried somewhere, and scoured the kitchen. Then I did some re-decorating. I switched some art around, re-arranged my book shelf, moved some knick nacks, moved some things around in the kitchen. Felt good about it.
  • As I was sitting on my futon, painting my toe nails, watching the Office, and drinking wine in my mostly put away apartment, it suddenly hit me: This place is my home. I feel like I'm home. Maybe it had something to do with the big Fight/Airing of Grievances we had and all the time I've spent in VA this month. Maybe it had to do with the bright orange and red leaves on all the trees and the cider spice candle burning next to me and the fuzzy booties on my feet. But I felt happy. Like, good and solid. And I realized I've felt happy, good and solid for the last week or so, more so than I have since April. Not gonna lie, it was pretty exhilarating
everything's going to be ok

  • Almost posted a tipsy blog ranting about the extreme lack of hilarity that is Whitney. and it devolved into some bitchy, pseduo-feminist ramble. But blogger didn't save it, and I can't remember it, so it's lost in the wind. That's probably for the best.
  • ate pasta
  • passed out

  • performed a huge overhaul on my office at work, re-arranging and re-ordering things. I can't wait to get back on Monday and finish putting things in order, which should be easy considering my boss won't be there and I'll be 90% distraction free
  • It was cold and raining, so we couldn't make it out to the Haunted Farm as planned. So we had swanky Thai food at the swanky Thai place. It's probably the best Pad Thai I've had. Mmmm.
  • While we were gone, Bart was a bad dog. 
ohhhhh Bart.

and spent the rest of the night in a diabetic coma

side note: we really need to get a dust ruffle or something

It's amazing that he only ate one package. But then again, it was dark chocolate, and gross dark chocolate at that (someone at work gave it to me). So I understand. 

  • woke up from a dream where I swallowed like, a hundred Vicodin and was sitting there, feeling my liver explode. Except I was all loopy and gitty from the Vicodin that it felt like my insides were turning into velvet and I was melting from the inside out. But then I saw my torso turning purple, blue and black and I knew I was dying but everything felt so beautiful and soft. So I closed my eyes, saw black for a bit, and woke up. So. Damn. Weird. 
  • I've been writing and blogging and drinking Pumpkin Spice Coffee and catching up on Dexter 
  • I'm vaguely thinking of retiring my Fat Pants in November to see if it encourages Self Betterment
  • I'm mad I'm not watching snow fall like everyone in Virginia, but it is like pretty damn cold out here.
  • This is the first Saturday in October that I don't have plans or have to be somewhere. It's nice.

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