Sunday, October 9, 2011

First 6 Months

6 months. Half a year. 204 days. 2 birthdays. 3 national holidays. 2 seasonal transitions.

I can't believe it's been 6 months since I've moved in!

Seeing as how this is the first living together situation for both us, these past 6 months have been a very educational experience. From the moment we opened the back of my U-Haul and I saw the aghast look on Addie's face, to where we are right now, we have been learning the in's and out's of man and woman cohabiting.

For example:

1) man needs only shampoo and a bar of soap in the shower. woman needs a commissary of sundries that necessitates an entire, separate rack. *note: men only need to be clean, not beautiful

2) when he says "you don't cook anymore" it really means "when are you going to start cooking food that I'd want to eat?" *note: grilling meat is the only thing everybody agrees on

3) the smartest, most rational male can easily become un-glued by the act of re-arranging furniture. *note: "do you really need to measure everything before you move it? JUST MOVE IT AND SEE IF IT WORKS" isn't constructive criticism, and only makes the situation worse

4) grocery trips between someone who can't cook and thinks everything looks delicious and someone who can cook and realizes how cash poor you really are leads to the end of combined grocery shopping trips *additionally: someone with OCD and someone with ADD will be completely incapable of "advance meal planning"

5) "wall art" "soft lighting" and "bed linens" are highly contestable issues and will never be solved. ever. *see: men who are resistant to change

6) displaying knick-knacks makes you a hoarder. However, holding onto 17 random measuring spoons even though we just received a brand new, whole set because you "really like these" apparently, isn't.  Additionally, having an entire dish shelf full of glasses when you only use 2 (ever) is perfectly acceptable, but anyone bringing anymore glasses or cups into the house is a sign of hoarderness. *obnoxious subtext note: I'm only kinda still bitter about this.

7) my inability to watch a movie if it's already started and Addie's inability to watch a movie twice within 60 days is the reason why it's necessary for us to have two TV's and two cable boxes. Also, differences in trash TV taste.*note: the only Trash TV Convergence between us is Project Runway

8) living with someone, and I mean, really living with someone, in small quarters will radically change your mind on what you think is sexy. Oooo, he rearranged the kitchen shelves so we have more space? I just might shave my legs tonight. *also, realizing you are one of those women who now says "I just might shave my legs tonight" will only kinda make you want to punch yourself in the face.

9) honest compromise is the only way to deal with problems, but it can also be really difficult and shitty to get the point of honest compromise. *see #5

10) this how we're celebrating our anniversary:

 I'm still sick and I have absolutely no writing mojo today. MUST REMEDY THIS.
 anywho, happy half-year-anniversary to our little cellar. :)

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Anonymous said...

yo' momma says: We are busy packing up a set of glasses to send home with you. It sounds like you need new ones, since only 2 are fit to drink out of!!!!

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