Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Stupid Mistake

A Friday Afternoon: 

I'm putting my time to good use, browsing the internet, looking at memes, working very hard

WHAT'S THAT? Anthropologie's Second Nature Cardigan on Ebay? The one they don't sell on their website anymore?

Exactly how I felt. Who cares if it's like 80*, nearing summer, and I'm on extremely limited income?

 awwwww yeah.

WAIT-- better make sure I'm not going crazy on my credit card before I buy this.

uh... what?

Because I'm old, I have to put on my glasses to re-confirm that astonishing things are really astonishing 



This is the "inflated old man face" otherwise known as the "damnit I'm an idiot with money" face.

So wow! The funny thing about never using my credit card, is that I forgot how much I've used it. 

And I forgot that I bought a new computer and put a few grocery trips and some "oops forgot my debit card in my other purse" occasions on it.

It's kind of a bummer. Before I moved, I'd trained myself out of using the cards. And I'd been out of credit card debt for almost a year, and now it's maxed out. AGAIN?!

BUT, being the unflappable optimist/delusional nitwit that I am, I've found some silver linings:

--now I'm officially broke, as I don't want to pull money out of my savings
--at least it's only one card, with a low balance, and not 3 cards with kinda high balances, like before
--my APR is pretty low
--now I'm really not tempted to use it. At all. Ever again, that is.

So I made Addie, the responsible one, hide the card so I won't be able to get to it. 

He's like "I don't know why you'd put things on credit. After interest, it's like you're buying it twice. Or three times."
and I'm like "I don't know why you won't stop making sense."
I don't get what I don't get about credit cards. It's not like I haven't been in this situation before. I spent 2007-2010 paying off like, $14,000 in bad decisions. (serious). It's fundamentally bizarre how I can see money in my checking account and think it's all holy holy, but I have no qualms with "charging it" and "paying it later" with "interest" because that "makes sense." And that whole "if I don't have money for it right now, I don't need it" mentality? Yeah, who does that?

Oh, right, basically everyone I know.

BUT (2.0) we have a giant freezer full of food, a full wine rack (thanks mom!) and enough money for gas and rent and my student loan until August, when I will need to find a job, which is a few months sooner than I'd planned, but hey. Dem's the bricks. It just means that I can't squander any more time than I already have, and I can't spend any money til I get a job. 


In other news, who remembers this amazing song? I FINALLY found out who sings it, after many, many, many years of not catching the artist when I'd hear it on the radio.

Eww, a gnat just landed in my wine glass. 

And I'm watching Deliverance.  

I need to re-think what I'm doing with my life.


Mandy said...

In high school, my friend and I decided that we would read Deliverance, then watch the movie, and then go white water rafting. After that whole "squeal like a pig" scene in the movie, the whole rafting idea got squashed. Oh well.

Hope that wine lasts you more than it would last me! xoxo

bunnymachine said...

Oh boy do I hate realizations like this. Especially when they ruin what should have been a wonderful and triumphant moment in consumerism.

LE SIGH. If I find this baby for cheap I will buy it for you because this sweater is the best sweater in the world.

Audrey said...

haha, you're the best :) but don't worry. I didn't let a decided lack of funds stop me from buying it :D


George Panagakos said...

Your WTF face reminds me of Dave Grohl, haha. And yep, I'm very far behind but I shall catch up one day ;P. By the year 4000, I promise.

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