Monday, May 9, 2011

First month!

FYI: I realized I forgot to caption the pictures on my last entry. I have corrected this grave error.

It's officially been a month since I moved in!

Let's see how many victories I can count.

1) SLEEPING--successfully altering my sleepy time schedule from 5 AM- 2 PM

2) COOKING--like, way more than scrambled eggs or spicy ramen noodles.

3) WRITING--2 chapters stamped and done, blogging at least twice a week, and hay! it's been a little under 30 days and I've had over 700 hits! /smug

4) GAS CONSERVATION--I've filled up once since I've moved here, because we walk most places, and the stores are only like, 2 miles away. 

5) SOUTHERN LIVING--going to Wal-Mart in my pj's and flip flops to buy random items at 3 in the afternoon is my new favorite hobby. 

It's been a good month. I feel healthier. Like my skin is clearer and my hair is shinier. Every day seems pretty awesome, even the days that are stupid and disappointing. I basically walk around like this:

fuck yeah.

But now that I've been here for a month, it's time to get serious. With writing, full time, every day, that is.

Also, I've spent a lot of money on food, wine, basement decor, wine, supplies, and wine since I've been here, and uh. my savings will only last so far. So I'll be a shut-in for a while, mostly because I really can't afford to live. 


still *really* irritated at this.

My car is one of those beasts that runs amazingly, and hard-core like, until the smallest, most unexpected problem comes up, and I have to spend like, $1000 getting it fixed. Since I bought the car in the spring of 2006, this has been an annual occurrence. 

Have You Paid for a Ford Lately?

2007--ignition block "froze". the key wouldn't turn over, the steering wheel wouldn't move. Apparently it was recalled in all 03 foci. $450

2008--won't pass emissions inspection because every time the car is hooked up to the emissions reader, the emission counter on the car would re-set. Something that, in 2006, CarMax failed to mention to me. Turns out the previous owners put in a racing chip in the computer that shorted out the emissions counter and parts of the computer. Had to have the entire mother board (or car equivalent) replaced. $1,2000+ all said and done. 

2009--ran off the side of a super jaggy edged road while rating songs on my ipod and blew two tires. Replaced all the tires and aligned the wheels. $500. Also, had super depression year and forgot to pay the property tax on it, so that was like $90 with penalties. 

Both totally fault of car, not of irresponsible owner.   

2010--engine starts to randomly cut off when I slow to a stop. $900 in exploratory repairs, and the car still randomly stops. Hrrmmph.

2011--it starts with a fan belt. WHAT ELSE? ENGINE CANCER?


I'm working on a short story submission, researching short story contests, and blogging ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I'm also having a really good night with some super trashy TV on Netflix (OMG THE HILLS)

And also this,

That's a fine $3 chardonnay you're enjoying

some crazy hair! (well, crazy for me.)


Mandy said...

Mmmmmmmmmm. . .cheap wine and messy hair. And sleeping until 2 p.m.! Shoot yeah! I can't wait until summer so that I can start doing that again.

What is your book about?

Audrey said...

it's a messy relationship/family drama told from multiple POV. At least, that's what it's supposed to be.

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